Zhuang Lu Xun Tokyo concert warm-up – to regain his hometown of Shanghai in the new stage of network for Zhuang Lu Xun together with Kobayashi Keiko singing country song. Wang Jian photo Beijing, September 9 Tokyo Xinhua (reporter Wang Jian) in early 80s by hot blooded style guitar music, China priming fresh air in Japan Zhuang singer Lu Xun, in Tokyo on the evening of 9 held a large-scale concert, as it will re board the broad don’t nearly thirty years of hometown Shanghai warm-up stage. The night of the concert, by Zhuang Lu Xun swept the stage of the "golden oldies", as well as its main creation in Japan during the original song is composed of two parts. The nostalgic part of singing country songs by Japanese pop singer Kobayashi Keiko on stage to help out. In the original songs, the most eye-catching, Zhuang Luxun is set to music China classical poetry featured works. These will Chinese traditional artistic conception and modern singing style clever fusion work is beautiful. According to the written works of king of Chu song "," theUnder according to the Tang Dynasty poet Zhang Jiuling’s works written "Huaiyuan" are Mochizuki, get applause sound. According to the news agency make arrangements for the concert affairs days inform the person in charge, this concert in Tokyo, the main content of the track is roughly October 1st people’s stage debut in Shanghai "John Lu Xun Shanghai concert 2016", the first to return to the hometown of Deng Zhuang want Lu Xun to Taiwan, with its profound artistic feeling and the unique style of music, once again moved old fans and the young audience. (end)相关的主题文章: