Zhao Liying had a flower on his back… Zhao Liying tattoo back according to Taiwan media reports, Zhao Liying starred in "the movie" become the flower and bone line star, sweet looking, superb acting captured the hearts of legions of fans, she attended the Golden Eagle Festival Awards won audience favorite actress award before the discussion once again climbing, in fact she was not optimistic about the outside world the actor, but filming 300 days of work under 1 years, and finally obtain the affirmation, but also paid many prices. Zhao Liying Zhao Liying, attended the 2016 behind the scars of Magnolia awards, dressed in a halter dress attracted a lot of attention of users, in addition to praise fashion elegant, many fans have found her back even more of a purple flower tattoos, at first glance and dress doesn’t seem to contrast, seemed a bit awkward, but fans jumped to her, said the tattoo has a special purpose. Zhao Liying during the filming of "fans explain past Lu Zhen legend" when the waist injury, causing bones protruding back, each backless dress will look particularly obvious, so that she chose to attend the awards ceremony, with the location of the injury flower tattoo cover, cause after exposure to so many people she was filming lead to injury pain. Related news is not small 34 foot! Zhao Liying, what time can buy a pair of shoes? Do not know if you have not encountered such a little awkward, just bought a new pair of shoes, wearing that super invincible not foot, ankle is worn a tragic, only to walk a lame a crooked…… so embarrassing, Zhao Liying students often encounter Wuli like ah, because she was the sister not through a few pair of high-heeled shoes! Let’s talk about Zhao on various occasions to wear shoes, the shoes do not fit to attend the activities ~ catwalk shoes is so big, little sister looked worried that Zhao Liying might accidentally turn Oh ~ who can believe Zhao face laugh so happy, actually lived on foot a pair of oversized shoes to hold! If the shoes are not suitable to attend the activities, may be a stylist pot, why the program also not to wear a pair of shoes? Yesterday, Zhao attended the drama publicity shoes is not big, and no ligature of the tiny but adventitious quantity, sister design, admire her to walk normally, finish the game! Sister Zhao can feel so clear when the activity, because life has acquired a large wearing high-heeled shoes code magic, wear big shoes, filming also so easy! She never thought, Zhao Liying still wearing the wrong shoes take Spy Drama, but the words inside play ah ~ Zhao are smoothly so difficult daily, even wearing the wrong shoes, can easily put pose, photo shoot! After watching this, sister Zhao Liying has lamented the true magic, if it is a girl not fit to wear high heels, making the scene of the accident about a minute… Even if… A small Zhao practicing magic, why can her shoes do not fit all the time? The answer is that Zhao Liying has a pair of very small feet! If you do not say that this is Zhao Liying’s feet, saying that no one doubts the students first let the little sister laugh for a while, Zhao’s feet can be too meng.相关的主题文章: