Zhang Jizhong denied the affair: son and godmother of malicious slander Xiao Qi Tencent micro-blog responded to entertainment news in August 30th, the all star on Zhang Jizhong exposed his wife derailed, man son Xiao Qi. In this regard, Zhang Jizhong’s son,, micro-blog denied rumors that people are doing in the day, malicious slander others can only become a joke. In response to the report, Tencent entertainment reporter also dialed Zhang Jizhong phone, but has not been able to connect. In the publicity to the side of Zhang Jizhong after verification, the other immediately denied false, too unreliable, and we do not know where the message came out. Xiao Qi is the president of our company, many projects are together, very normal." However, the reporter in the other side of the staff Zhang Jizhong once verified, the other party has revealed that the director of the state is not good this year, I heard there are family conflicts." Another fan fan said he did and Zhang Jizhong in a divorce lawsuit. At the same time, she also throws dirt, said he and Xiao Qi’s relationship, is actually Zhang Jizhong derailed, and the man for me, not only in the United States have a 3 year old illegitimate child, but there is a 31 year old young mistress. Fan Xin tendril also said that Zhang Jizhong is currently in private transfer of property. In an interview with entertainment Tencent, fan Xin man said that he had to keep silent, because "China women are soft, I want to keep going, but do you think he has been living with a 31 year old little of his mistress, illegitimate child is three years old, I want to say it, but he now make unfounded countercharges and what should I say have to say."相关的主题文章: