"Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng" the Mekong action series of war – people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn "Mekong River action" Zhang Hanyu Eddie Peng and the war serial source: Xinhua entertainment     09 2016 07 August 18:16 produced by the Bona film group, Huang Jianxin, producer Liang Fengying, Dante Lam directed, Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng, Feng Wenjuan, Wu Xudong other actors starring gangster action movie "the Mekong River action", recently issued the "speed of blasting" and "high shock", "dense jungle warfare" and "water battle scene" four posters, armed all-out war, siege of Golden Triangle. In the four scene poster, "drug squad captain Zhang Hanyu" and "special intelligence officer" Eddie Peng, sometimes driving vehicle explosion explosion and helicopter air staged deception, sometimes armed jungle secret war, sometimes in a speedboat water battle on the drug lords, a full show of the transnational armed action There was no parallel in history. and to make the fans hooked: "light the poster to see people excited," bloody country ", this is the large style, love this way!" "War, war, war, Jungle River four round of war are all," the Mekong River action "a rival? Not in various national archives!" Four, "Scene posters, heaven into the underground river crash is simply not so fun, the scene is large enough, the pattern is strong enough, the action scenes fierce enough!" National case transnational pursuit: hard! Very hard! The movie "the Mekong" action taken from the shock of the world’s 10.5 China crew in Golden Triangle were killed, in order to make the movie "effect to respect the facts, guarantee the authenticity in the greatest degree, director Lin Chaoxian led the team to the truth behind a dig in the end, therefore," Mekong River action "for the three years, a large collection of information, visit the real anti narcotics police, to Golden Triangle local viewing and in-depth exchanges with the residents, to ensure data integrity after the official start; but during shooting, the group is more than 100 people across the heavy woods, removed four shooting. As the friends said: "this is a large bearing" intentions can be presented, so hard for, "the Mekong River action" won the praise of numerous "to weapons and equipment from the uniform, from the director to cast down, any one place is not vague," action "to the Mekong River countless praise!" "And other movies are replaced with a fake real, only the" action "from the Mekong River really to the end and never watered!" In addition, the Mekong "action" show of the dead, but also won the respect of netizens praised: "the foreign country need to really look forward to the Patriots, Zhang Hanyu, Eddie Peng to break the siege!" "National crime show Chinese hero to attack. Lin Chaoxian is really really not fool or upright director, this film is worth looking forward to!" Adhere to justice: fierce bloody country! Very fierce! The release of four scenes full of posters, played by Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng Chinese anti narcotics police, for the killing of innocent fishermen Chinese drug under the cloth in addition, nets above and snares below, poster domineering exposed weapons causing great concern military fans. "The style of rough enough hard enough, pure man watch)相关的主题文章: