Yoo Seungho will take to play the male [Abstract] Korean media recently exposed the news of MBC’s "monarchy" at the end of the year, Yoo Seungho is expected to star in the MBC drama "monarchy" men. Tencent (Diana) Entertainment Korean media recently exposed the news, Yoo Seungho is expected to star in the MBC drama "monarchy" men. In October 10th, related to South Korean MBC television said that MBC’s "King" male wangshizi corner of Li Shan who plays currently in the selection. Before the media the role will be crazy pass this message after 90 MBC television actor Yoo Seungho starred in response: "the crew is indeed a party with Yoo Seungho to discuss, but not yet finalized its star." "King" will be true was the era of the Korean "privatization" of water in history as the background, tells the story of sitting on but no real power glory, splendour, wealth and rank Prince Li Shan to the people and the beloved woman with the seizure of water resources in the fight against evil forces story. The drama is due to water resources as the theme of attracting the attention of the community of South korea. It is reported that the "King" will be landing MBC drama in early December next year, plans to start shooting, and for the production of per cent before the show’s Pepsi, I do not know the mainland copyright eventually gets home? Su Zhixie Yoo Seungho MV shooting _ HD相关的主题文章: