Yili anxiety is not alarmist? The sina finance leaders column (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Jiang Bojing Boland into Vanke after the chaos of the war because, although the treasure has not shown clear direction of capital operation, but a lot of people have a worry: that is, once the treasure can control the Vanke, Vanke will be as a tool. The sunshine holdings Erie, Erie certainly have this worry. Yili anxiety is not alarmist? Vanke dispute has not seen the results, while the other one with Vanke good gongdou have different approaches but equally satisfactory results "the Barbarian Invasion" event was about to become a reality. In September 19th, Yili released "Yili" significant matters suspension notice, "said the Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Limited by Share Ltd is planning major issues, the matter may be involved in a major reorganization of assets or non-public offering of stock, in view of the matter there is great uncertainty as to ensure fair disclosure of information, maintaining the interests of investors, to avoid abnormal stock price volatility, the company’s application, the company stock since September 19, 2016 opening an emergency suspension, the suspension does not exceed 10 consecutive trading days." Erie shares why suspension? Very simple, after holdings, sunshine insurance has reached the red placards in yili. Before, the "notice" that Yili on changes in shareholders’ equity, "September 14, 2016, Sunshine Property Insurance Limited by Share Ltd focused on the Shanghai stock exchange trading system holdings of tradable shares totaling 5667900 shares, representing 0.09% of total share capital. After changes in equity, sunshine insurance and sunshine life insurance Limited by Share Ltd total holdings of ordinary shares of the company shares 303240065 shares, representing 5% of total share capital. Sunshine and the sunshine of life insurance by Sunshine Insurance Group Corporation Limited for the same control and constitute concerted action." It is obvious that the suspension of Yili shares is the basic routine to resist foreign forces. Through the suspension, for their own time, looking for financial support, looking for partners. So, this is the queen, the wolf really came, or worry? I feel that the queen is not unfounded, fear of the sun, this is a type of anxiety rules within the scope of vanke! First of all, the proportion of shares in the fragile shares of Erie, so that the queen had to guard against the sun’s holdings. According to common sense, with a 5% stake in the distance control of a listed company is still very far away. Prior to that, there are voices that the sun does not hinder the holdings. However, the proportion of shares before the Erie shares, similar to Minsheng Bank, equity is extremely dispersed. The company’s largest shareholder Hohhot Investment Co., Ltd., holds 8.79% stake in the company. Sunshine holdings to 5%, that is to become the largest shareholder of the second. The second largest shareholder of the former Erie, chairman Pan Gang, 3.89% stake in the sun holdings dropped to third. And compared with the dispersed shares of Erie, its main rival Mengniu equity ratio is clearly more concentrated. Such a delicate equity ratio, it is no wonder that Erie shares will therefore相关的主题文章: