Yanji couple Street woman break to vent their anger police said the robbery in September 27th, Yanji city police said the woman suffered a "robbery", the investigation immediately after the police received the alarm, and the fact that the woman’s husband and in the street after leaving the noisy, to vent their dissatisfaction, the woman reported a false alarm, but not "the robbery". "I’ve been robbed. The robbers haven’t gone far. You guys are coming!" At 2 p.m. on September 27th, police station of Beishan District of Yanji city police received a report from a police officer who said she had been robbed near the Beijing market, robbed of necklaces and other jewelry, and that she was following the robbery. Robbery in the daytime is serious." After the alarm, the Beishan police station leaders immediately reported to the Bureau leaders, at the same time to start the emergency plan, sent nearly 20 capable police officers armed, rushed to the scene to disperse search. However, the police did not find the alarm woman said "robbery suspects."". And alarm woman’s words, let the whole case reverse. The police asked the suspect’s escape route, the woman hesitated, then said, "the suspect is the bus run". "If it is a robbery suspect, how can you choose to escape by bus?"." After the police station listened to the police, Liu described the police, police investigators immediately alert, the case is not as simple as she said, Liu is likely to report false police. Subsequently, the police will Liu back to the police station in detail. After understanding, Liu told the truth, originally, she and her husband just married a month, but two people always get married because of betrothal gifts bickering. In the afternoon, two people quarrel on the way to divorce, the husband robbed her 2 pieces of gold jewelry and left. "My husband broke up with me, and I told you to catch him and help me get rid of the gas." Later, Liu and sincerely regret a previous mistake, apologized to the public security organs, subsequently, the police will be husband and parents call to the police station, the police after more than an hour of patient persuasion, finally, Liu the young couple finally reconciled, holding hands to leave the police station. Beishan police station deputy director Wang Dezheng told reporters, Liu Mouhuang alarm situation, not only a waste of police force, but also easy to cause undue consequences, but taking into account Liu apology sincere, good attitude, no punishment after its education. Police remind the public that life should not lie alarm situation, according to the relevant provisions of Public Security Management Punishment Law, false alarm situation will be sentenced to 5 days and more than 10 days of detention, and may impose a fine of less than 500 yuan, the circumstances are mild, punishable by 5 days of detention or less than 500 yuan fine.

延吉新婚夫妻街头闹掰 女子为泄愤报警称被抢劫   9月27日,延吉市一女子报警称遭遇“抢劫”,警方接到报警后立即展开侦查,而事实却是,该女子的丈夫与其在街上吵闹后离去,为了发泄不满,该女子报了假警,而并非“被抢劫”。   “我被抢劫了,抢劫的人还没跑远,你们快来!” 9月27日下午2时许,延吉市公安局北山派出所接到一名女子报案称,自己在北大市场附近遭遇抢劫,项链等首饰被抢,而且自己正一路跟着抢劫的人。“大白天抢劫,案情严重。”接警后,北山派出所领导立即向局领导汇报,同时启动应急预案,派近20名精干警力全副武装,赶赴现场分散查找。但是,民警并没有找到报警女子所说的“抢劫嫌疑人”。而报警女子的一句话,让整个案情反转。在民警询问嫌疑人的逃跑路线时,该女子支支吾吾,后来才说,“嫌疑人是坐公交车跑的”。   “如果真的是抢劫嫌疑人,怎么可能选择坐公交车逃跑。”派出所听了报警女子刘某的叙述后,办案民警立即警觉起来,案情没有她说的那么简单,刘某很有可能报了假警。   随后,民警将刘某带回派出所详细询问。经了解,刘某道出实情,原来,她和丈夫刚结婚一个月,但是,二人始终因结婚时彩礼问题争吵不断。当日下午,二人在去离婚的路上又争吵起来,丈夫抢了她的2件金饰后离开。   “我老公跟我闹离婚,我报警想让你们抓他,帮我解解气。”事后,刘某悔不当初,并诚恳地向公安机关道歉,随后,民警将其丈夫和父母叫到派出所,经过民警一个多小时的耐心劝导,最后,刘某小夫妻俩终于和解,牵着手离开了派出所。   北山派出所副所长王德征告诉记者,刘某谎报警情,不但浪费警力,还容易引起不当后果,但是,考虑到刘某道歉诚恳,态度良好,教育后没有对其进行处罚。警方提醒市民,生活中切莫谎报警情,根据治安管理处罚法相关规定,谎报警情将处以5日以上10日以下拘留,可以并处500元以下罚款,情节较轻的,处以5日以下拘留或者500元以下罚款。相关的主题文章: