Yan Ni: talk about a divorce after breaking up hard composite mainly depends on the fate of love "Ye Ziwen Liu Jiaqi" Mrs. Long live release site camera Sina entertainment news comes with a sense of joy, makes Yan Ni become an independent school in the domestic actress. In the September 1st TV series "long live the wife" held in Beijing premiere conference, Yan Ni introduced himself even forgot his role in the occupation, is to make people laugh again. However, she was the actor Xu Yajun praised "wisdom", "Yan Ni joked in his woman’s wisdom". Talk about their role in divorce and remarried amount had divorced Yan Ni, calmly said: "after the breakup, in fact it is difficult to composite", also known as the "love is mainly rely on the fate of the blessing". She also bluntly, in their own character will not do full-time wife. After breaking up is hard to composite with his character is not a full-time wife "long live" by Mrs. Shen, Liu Yan [micro-blog] [micro-blog] wave directed, tells the story of the three Chinese wife, three different forms of urban marriage. In which Yan Ni played the female Ye Shuxin this is the cause of women because of rash and too much in haste, the contradiction between career and family, between husband and wife launched a tangle of wasted itch. In the play, Yan Ni and Xu Yajun experienced the process of divorce, remarry, this is reminiscent of Yan Ni’s experience of divorce. However, when talking about the story, Yan Ni seems to be different from Ye Shuxin’s choice, "the drama is of course positive energy, a happy ending, but not life emotionally under their own control, after breaking up, in fact it is difficult to." While talking about the secret love between husband and wife, the preservation of Yan Ni said: "I think love is mainly rely on the fate of the blessing, two person has a quarrel, separately, finally be together again, just because love each other enough, there is not relationship. Love is like this, after the breakthrough most want to hold your hand or." In addition to the emotional twists and turns, ye Shu also faces the dilemma of career and family, and a 18 year old daughter Yan Ni was also asked whether they are willing to use the cause of the present in exchange for a more complete love of her parents. She said, I want to pursue life not because of any person to make a change, and admitted to his own character will not do a full-time wife: "I think everyone is an independent individual, even if you love a person, it is impossible to lose his own." Confused forget self evaluation I have good women from the wisdom of "swordsman" became popular since the occupation role, Yan Ni’s sense of joy that comes in the two actress become an independent school, the character is circle of powder lot. And on the day when the introduction of the role of the party, Yan Ni actually said that his role is to forget what, until the reminder of the next Xu Yajun think up. Indeed, Yan Ni’s "confused" in the circle is a name, but in the view of Xu Yajun Yan Ni is a "great wisdom", that aside Yan Ni laughed, "I have good women of wisdom." In addition to praise Yan Ni’s "great wisdom", Xu Yajun also praised Yan Ni’s thoughtful, "her child is not around, try to say to take my play, pat said, go back to see." Jean Xu Yajun相关的主题文章: