Xiong Dailin and Zhang Yuqi marry rich flash marriage… But once the love is not idle sister (Phoenix gossip micro signal: entifengvip) stars, recently is a good day! Indeed, last night at the micro-blog Xiong Dailin drying out a group of wedding, declaring "we married" photograph of Xiong Dailin wearing a white sleeveless dress, hands holding Guo song arm, a happy smile on his face, simple and warm atmosphere. It is reported that Guo song is TVB actress Kenix Kwok’s younger brother, family wealth, is the billionaire two rich generation. Guo song 3 years older than Xiong Dailin, and his ex-wife divorced after 2013, and Xiong Dailin love exposure, always sweet. Xiong Dailin also changed the attitude in the upper love forbear, openly with her boyfriend show sweet. Two people in love in the ordinary couple concentrated in general, Xiong Dailin will return to the airport Guo song was photographed shopping couple always hand in hand. The birthday party, take pictures, two head on head, face to face such a scene in Xiong Dailin and Aaron Kwok fell in love for eight years have never seen a woman addicted to love the face could not stop. In March this year, Xiong Dailin announced the acceptance of Guo song happy marriage show explosion three carat engagement ring, said Guo song sincerity. Little sister (Phoenix gossip micro signal: entifengvip) at their wedding, was also a small detail to impress, Guo song mighty tall enough to wear a pair of shoes, tall Xiong Dailin wearing a pair of shoes, Minow fork legs two height to her boyfriend, so just good ~ sister (Phoenix gossip micro signal: entifengvip) reminds of her predecessor that some famous "shoes" theory, but now it seems like Xiong Dailin to get rid of the wrong shoes, to find their own suitable happiness. Earlier Xiong Dailin movie came to cancel all play the news, the outside world is also speculation that she is not expecting Xiong Dailin to respond to the results of the original is false news that her car is a downtown oolong, coincidentally ex boyfriend Aaron Kwok also traced with his little girlfriend to buy wedding ring, and Fang Yuan seemingly pregnant. Buy a wedding ring, chat fetal education…… Guo King seems to be almost a good thing, this year he did not mention before an anti marriage attitude, want to get married and have kids frequently shouted. The thought of Xiong Dailin eight years "siege" failed, but now people will easily won in the bag, have to say this is a wonderful fate of men and women is the best outcome after breaking up their can start a new life, Zhang Yuqi two days ago with a simple micro-blog announced the marriage, simple and direct way is also very consistent with her personality. Face the crowd doubts on her husband’s (the Zhang Yuqi flash marriage "1 billion small" is not a pseudo rich is not important, it is important to clear the queen had the ability to control their own life!) Zhang Yuqi, also helped him to explain: their financial situation is stable, the company for listing; he never married, but had a daughter. And drying out a private jet and a photo of a family of three happiness. According to earlier friends photographed Zhang Yuqi with children early childhood photos, it seems that she is very adapt to the new identity. I did not expect this article micro-blog instead leads to a new gossip, the netizen drying out of the circle of friends, including Zhang Yuqi, Bayuan husband and his ex-wife wedding photos, ~相关的主题文章: