Xinjiang Hami with "innovation driven" to build a green silk road (Figure) – Beijing green city of Hami Illinois district. Urumqi, September (reporter Cheng Yong), we will be on the basis of agricultural development, and vigorously promote tourism, recreation and pollution-free vegetable planting 20." Zhou Jicheng, general manager of Xinjiang wolfberry fruit Biotechnology Co., Ltd., said at the Fifth China Asia Europe expo. As a representative of the enterprise, Zhou Jicheng signed a new concept of agricultural tourism demonstration zone with 130 million yuan in Hami. After the project landed on the land can be a reasonable planning and utilization, to solve the problem of local crop planting a single, through the green development of agricultural tourism to promote local farmers to get rich." Zhou Jicheng said. Reporters from the Xinjiang Hami delegation was informed that, compared with the previous Expo, "green development" has become the fifth Asia Europe Expo Hami Group signed a new bright spot. In the 30 Hami Expo project special signing of new energy, new materials, equipment manufacturing and other areas accounted for more than 60% of the total investment projects signed. A group of the field of wind power, thermal power, equipment manufacturing, high-tech industry and transportation, tourism, municipal, culture, pension, medical, environmental protection and other PPP projects has become the highlight of the best Hami special attention. Hami Deputy Commissioner of Administrative Region Zhang Hongguang said that this year the signing of the project is the main focus of clean energy processing and emerging industries, particularly modern logistics, tourism and service industry has achieved a major breakthrough. Innovation driven is the first driving force of green development. In recent years, Hami vigorously attract innovation elements, continue to gather innovative resources, green development can be seen everywhere in Hami. At the beginning of September, the reporter saw in the north of the high tech Industrial Park in the city of Hami, Illinois, to undertake the Portland stone reloading Energy Engineering Co. Ltd. Tajikistan 96 coal chemical equipment production is being signed, since this is the blue stone reload settled in Hami the first batch of export orders, these orders will be completed along the Silk Road to Tajikistan. Hami hi tech Industrial Development Zone, where the blue stone reload is now the new energy equipment manufacturing base in Xinjiang, the largest and most complete industrial chain, 17 well-known domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises landing zone to achieve the main equipment of wind power equipment in Hami local production, the key components of wind power equipment industry rate has reached more than 70% manufacturing. Hami traffic Xinjiang Jinrun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. invested 180 million yuan building networking project of public service platform, is Xinjiang’s first intelligent transportation projects, the project for the construction of "Internet plus", "Internet +" and "smart city" technology industry development has ten important demonstration significance. Illinois District into the Hami city bus company, 14 electric buses were fully equipped for array. According to the company staff, 60 new energy taxi is also in place, these electric buses and new energy taxi before the national day will be put into use, to become a beautiful landscape clean Hami. Green development for the transformation and upgrading of Hami’s industrial restructuring into a long-term power. Hami in)相关的主题文章: