China sports "seventy-two" football can save you Chinese King football can do to the Xinhua News Agency Nanjing February 8th sports news story back, see China sports "seventy-two" the Xinhua News Agency reporters Wang Hengzhi monkey at the beginning of the year, this year at the end of the beginning, Everything looks fresh and gay., "the return" is a hot topic, 2016 traditional sports bumper, to have the national fitness as a national strategy, China have run and fitness concept gradually into the life Chinese, the monkey will Chinese sports such as body armor, wearing gold foot colorful auspicious clouds "Monkey King" back, Nothing is impossible. In 2015, it was regarded by many people as "the first year of Chinese road running", and the "health" attribute of sports never seemed to be taken seriously by the Chinese people. It is foreseeable that in the year of the monkey in the road race, including the national fitness tide will continue to sweep across China, into the street aunt who jump a square dance, no longer young fans on the pitch "bull" every drop of sweat, ran Master wear every pair of shoes under the for the first time, beginners put on each pair of skis between…… Without national health, there will be no overall well-off society, and sports have a long way to go. Once upon a time, competitive sports as part of sports, has been placed in the supreme position, now, has been from the "altar" down the competitive sports, but more exciting and amiable. 2016 is the Olympic year, for the Chinese people, the number of gold medals in the list is no longer the most important, but the attention of Chinese athletes will not be reduced. China sports with "Mahatma" attribute of the new year, will be able to "faster higher stronger" spirit on the other side of the earth to carry forward more worth looking forward to, whether it is Ning Zetao, Su Bingtian, China or any other Chinese women’s volleyball athletes, they in every fight, Rio de Janeiro every effort it will all come to power China sports forward, will encourage more people to participate in sports, stimulate the strength of competitive sports, in the new year or will be more powerful. It is also likely to become strong, as well as the burgeoning Chinese sports industry. As the accepted sunrise industry, and coincides with the best development opportunity, countries attach great importance to the needs of the people, China sports industry in the year of the monkey in the "blowout" power is simply not measure — perhaps many years after the development of the sports industry in Chinese, will find in this monkey 27.409 years, "Mahatma" the courage to open up Buweijianxian, side become the best footnote. It is worth mentioning that the 2022 Olympics will be held in Chinese, in the next 6 years, snow sports will become another pillar of boosting China sports development, now from the successful bid for only half a year, whether it is affecting the preparatory work or to fitness are like spring bud, new year this line will bring new changes to the spring China sports. Of course, "Mahatma" will not have no worries. Chinese football, for example. We know that we can’t get fat, but we only hope that Chinese football should not be eager for quick success and instant benefit in such a good environment

新华网:看中国体育“七十二变” 足球大圣能救吗 中国足球能奋起吗   新华社南京2月8日体育专电 “大圣”归来,看中国体育“七十二变”   新华社记者王恒志   猴年伊始,万象更新,这个年末年初,“大圣归来”无疑是热门话题,2016年是传统意义上的体育“大年”,对已把全民健身作为国家战略的中国、已把路跑和健身理念逐渐融入生活的中国人而言,这个猴年的中国体育必将如身披金甲、脚踏七彩祥云归来的“美猴王”一般,Nothing is impossible。   2015年被很多人视为中国路跑“元年”,体育的“健康”属性似乎从没如此被国人重视过。可以预见的是,在猴年里包括路跑在内的全民健身潮将继续席卷神州大地,融入街头大妈们跳的每一曲广场舞中、不再年轻的爱好者们在球场上“斗牛”的每一滴汗水里、路跑达人穿坏的每一双球鞋下、初学者首次穿上的每一对滑雪板间……没有全民健康就没有全面小康,体育,任重而道远。   曾几何时,竞技体育作为体育的一部分,被放在了至高无上的位置,如今,已经从“神坛”走下来的竞技体育,反倒更加令人振奋可亲。2016年又是奥运年,对国人来说,在金牌榜上排名第几不再是最重要的,但对中国健儿的关注并不会降低。新一年里自带“大圣”属性的中国体育,能否将“更快更高更强”的精神在地球的另一面尽力发扬光大更值得期待,无论是宁泽涛、苏炳添、中国女排还是其他任何中国体育健儿,他们在里约热内卢的每一次拼搏、每一次努力都将化为中国体育前进的动力,也将激励更多人参与体育运动,竞技体育的激发力量,在新的一年里或将更加强大。   同样可能变得强大的,还有方兴未艾的中国体育产业。作为众所公认的朝阳产业,又适逢国家重视、人民需要的最佳发展时机,中国体育产业在猴年里的“井喷”威力简直令人不敢估量――或许很多年后回眸中国体育产业的发展,会发现在这个金猴闹春之年,“大圣”勇于开拓、不畏艰险的一面成为最佳注脚。   值得一提的是,2022年冬奥会将在中国举办,在未来的这6年里,冰雪运动将成为助推中国体育发展的另一根支柱,如今距离申办成功仅仅半年,无论是筹备工作还是对全民健身的影响都还如春之萌芽,新的一年这株春芽必将给中国体育带来新的变化。   当然,“大圣”也不会全无烦恼。比如中国足球。我们深知一口吃不成胖子,其实只希望中国足球在如此好的发展环境下不要急功近利,关于青训的话题不要总是沉重,就算输球――其实我们都理解的,连“大圣”还有打不过的妖怪呢――也不要输的没有骨气。(完)相关的主题文章: