Xi’an female driver suspected throttle when the brake car flying on another car – Sohu China Daily News (reporter Xie Tao) the evening of August 29th, a traffic accident occurred in South Xi’an Peihua community: a white car "flying" riding in the other car, the crowd of the driver may be the throttle as brake. "About 8 o’clock at night, downstairs to hear the boom of a sound, I saw from the window, downstairs in a traffic accident. A bike in a car." Master Wang said Peihua residential tenants. Scene of the accident so many onlookers surprised. A white car is almost flying, a 45 degree angle, the front planted in the ground, the rear two wheels on a pressure in the road along the red car on the roof, white car bumper was damaged. Next to a lamppost also knocked over pressure in the middle of the white car and red car, the bridge has become the white car can fly "". There is also a red car side, the left side of the obvious impact marks. The driver was a woman, I heard that she was looking for a parking space in a car accident." Some onlookers said the incident. Yesterday, the traffic police high tech brigade police said the accident caused by improper operation of the driver. China Daily reporter at the scene saw the accident along the road there are obvious tire wear marks. Many onlookers analysis, due to the vehicle as a result of the front drive, reversing is difficult to drive along the road. "The driver backed up along the road and the rear wheels left a trail on the track. This should be the brakes, the driver because of tension, the throttle as the brakes, a foot down, the car suddenly rushed along the road, the first hit lampposts, lamp posts along the road parked on the ride in a red car, the front wheel drive, without leaving the ground, car back along this road to fly on to the pole the car hit the red." This analysis has been recognized by many onlookers. But the reporter failed to contact the driver. Yesterday, a traffic police said the throttle when the brakes, this error generally occurs in the novice driver. "A lot of novice drivers, when nervous, because the position is not right, with a foot down, this thought is stepping on the brakes, but accidentally hit the gas accident." The police said, "the driver in the driving process, must concentrate, failing to calm. In the specific operation, the right foot in addition to the usual time to step on the gas, the rest of the time should be placed on the brake pedal at any time to deal with unexpected situations." China Daily reporter consulted a senior driving coach. He said: "in the process of driving, the right heel should be placed in a vertical position of the brake pedal, the foot lightly on the brake pedal. When you need to refuel, the right foot to the heel as the center of the circle, clockwise to the foot pedal, a V-shaped light on. Don’t step on the accelerator pedal for a long time. Without the need for refueling, the right foot to the heel as the center of the circle counterclockwise on the brake pedal. Once there is a situation, as long as you can step on the brakes."相关的主题文章: