Zhao Benshan daughter talk about why do net red: not much pocket money to give her daughter self time Sina entertainment news on the morning of October 9th, Zhao Benshan [micro-blog] girl on micro-blog explain why they want to when the network red. She said: "my father’s pocket money to teach me not much, so I always have a wish is to make their own money to spend." She also said that the most promising is to reduce the minimum exposure while making their own money enough to spend, but because of the father’s sake, even if it is difficult to reduce the amount of exposure to reach a little". Niuniu finally said: "maybe I want to make money easier than ordinary people, but more mature public opinion. There is no world, if I want to do it, the success of the success, and then failed to change. Life is not like this? Failure in growth. Anne." Netizens have expressed their support in their micro-blog message: I like your independence, everyone has a way of life for everyone, to support you." "Well, a little bit to grow up ah, ha ha ha." "I love the people who try to fight for themselves." (Intern Huang Humanities)相关的主题文章: