Why did Jin Shangyi, a master of oil painting, step back? Recently, the 81 year old Mr. Jin Shangyi told reporters at an exhibition of his paintings that he is not as old as he is now. I’m surprised to hear that. Thought, sir is really wise! The bosom friend is short, the feeling has been stranded; now, that famous person has this mind? This exhibition is held in December 3, 2015, the "Chinese Academy of oil painting art gallery – Jin Shangyi free routing language of oil painting exhibition". The exhibition displays 77 pieces of works by Mr. Jin Shangyi since the 50s of last century, which is intended to introduce his research in the language of oil painting. To tell you the truth, Mr. Jin Shangyi should be able to look at the influence of the oil painting industry. Moreover, Mr. Jin rarely do a show, and now some active artists a small exhibition in March, compared to a year a festival, he almost do not have a decent exhibition. My impression may not be allowed! In a hurry, 81 years passed, and he seemed to have had a solo exhibition of one or two times. Why doesn’t he have an exhibition? Read CCTV "everyone" column of an interview, he said he did not love to engage in a solo exhibition, trouble! Can not draw two pictures a year, what exhibition? No more exhibitions. I watched the show! What a pity! I want to see all the original Mr. Jin, no chance. Not wanted, that is to say, the stem is dry, Mr. Jin is finally gone, suddenly on the opening of the new exhibition. This is a good thing, he does not want to do, fans want to see ah! I believe that the exhibition was the result of his students’ great efforts, not his intention. This does not, Mr. self rating is "presumptuous", in fact, do he need not so modest, are masters level, who dare to say "no"?. For Mr. Jin, do all the exhibition is a common thing, the key is to want to do, this power can go big. Okay, nonsense. I’m still interested in why Sir’s painting is out of step. Mr. Jin Shangyi, this exhibition is known as the language of oil painting exhibition, listen to the name you know, this is a serious exhibition development context of painting language, this is a big proposition; the development of oil painting language, this is not a personal thing, but all the painters lifelong pursuit. It can be said that an oil painting is not successful, mainly to see if he has his own unique language, the other is secondary. Mr. Jin is a typical technical school; life in studying painting technology, life in dealing with "basic skills"; in the structure of color, copy, study, study how to remove the Chinese artists use observation method of line, instead of using surface structure, use light to form plastic body, resulting in real on the significance of Western painting reached the height. The ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. There is a saying, the final result is not technical school to learn the top technology, did not create their own painting language, this is Mr. Jin unexpected. In this exhibition, Mr. Jin said a few words, a sentence which is quite striking!相关的主题文章: