UnCategorized With all of the talk of the new Obama health plan, and all of the health care activist organizations asking for it to be repealed, many people have not truly listened to the opinions of a major .ponent to this equation: the medical professionals. So, where exactly do medical professionals stand on the health care reform? Do they feel they will be able to provide proper care when these changes are carried out? There has been a good deal of evidence that suggests that a large number of medical professionals actually oppose the Obama health care changes. Many physicians state that the new laws would end up costing them a great deal of money, they would not be able to keep their private practices open, and therefore would have to merge practices, or follow the money to other areas. This could create a shortage of doctors for routine care, and the doctors that do remain in operation will cram more patients into tighter schedules, which will mean shorter visits, and rushed care. While many physicians agree that the health care system could be improved, they are not on board with all of the current changes. That being said, a recent study found that the majority of physicians, roughly sixty three percent, do support a public option for insurance. Even more surprising perhaps is the fact that of these supporters, ten percent are in favor of a single payer system. These figures tally to nearly three quarters of all physicians in the United States who feel as though the insurance system needs to be modified. When asked for their opinion on the current Medicare program, fifty eight percent of health professionals thought the eligibility requirements should be lowered to the age of fifty five. The study did not get to the reasons behind the way medical professionals feel, or what they base their opinions upon. Most likely, the majority simply realize that the current system cannot be sustained as it stands today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: