UnCategorized If you are looking to save even more space in your kitchen, dining room, or pantry, an expandable wooden wine rack might be a good option for you. Many wine racks are made out of metals and are not at all convertible; meaning that they can not be folded up, folded out or easily put away to make room for something else. Having an expandable wooden wine rack means that you can store as few or as many wine bottles as your heart desires without having to either store extra bottles elsewhere than in your wine rack or having a huge wine rack taking up more space than is needed for the few bottles that are at present in it, for instance. People tend to have varying stocks of wine in their homes, at least Americans do anyway. Around holiday seasons, for instance, Americans tend to need more wine storage space and fold out their expandable wooden wine rack; while in other seasons, they are left at their minimum size. In countries such as France and Italy where people store wine by the case, a wine cellar is actually almost a necessity due to the fact that they drink more wine more often however for the average American a wine rack is usually sufficient. How Does an Expandable Wooden Wine Rack Work? An expandable wooden wine rack is most often made from wood, making it easy to fold and easily store, whereas metal wine racks are usually fixed. Of course, it is also possible to build metallic wine racks that are expandable, but this would involve far more complicated workmanship. Wooden materials for expandable wine racks are much more efficient; think of the wooden clothing racks you have for drying clothing, with basic peg construction. Of course, I’m not saying it’s particularly easy to construct such a device, but it is certainly more easily done than constructing the same kind of peg system with metallic materials. In addition, consumers seem to prefer the maintenance of wooden expandable implements like wine racks over metallic ones for the simple reason of maintenance. This peg system would soon rust in a metallic version; whereas the wooden version is more easily kept for a long period of time. Although the new thing in kitchens is to have everything stainless steel, you might consider placing a wine rack in your dining room or in a pantry or basement where an expandable wooden wine rack might be more at home with the decor of the rest of the room. After all, wine does not always need to be stored in the kitchen. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: