Self-Improvement There is no doubt that stressful events can really send one spiraling down into that emotional abyss and self doubt until one finds his/her way back up or through. It’s not always easy, but it is possible. Stress places strain on your physical and emotional well-being which is why it’s important to take care of yourself while you are traveling the rough road ahead until you find yourself cruising the happy trails once again. It can be difficult to see the positive amongst the negative when your world seems to be turned upside down. Trusting that things will be right side up may seem miles away or not even on the map so to speak. Some days you may have to do some searching and stretching to find anything to be optimistic about but, when you do, you can hold onto those thoughts, memories, feelings, people, etc. and allow them to uplift you and propel you forward. You may fumble around in the dark for awhile and it might seem like there isn’t anywhere to turn, that all hope is lost, or you just can’t go on. Don’t give up. The light will shine through and lead your way. If you are going through a tough time right now, or find yourself in one in the future, remember, "This too shall pass". Even though it may not being passing as quickly as you would like or in the direction you may hope, it WILL PASS. You may have to push yourself a bit to do things that bring you joy or .fort as you may find yourself stuck in rut of negative thinking or not able to shift gears and get going. Don’t go it alone. Call in the forces. Whether they are divine ones and/or friends and family, allow them to be there for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for their assistance. If they can’t do it they will let you know. Sometimes you may need a mentor, coach or counselor to help you put things back in perspective and get you on the right track again. Ask yourself, "How can I support myself or this person while they are going through this?". Sometimes you may find yourself f.etting to check in as to what it is that you really need at this time. Step outdoors. Take a long walk, run, or go for a bike ride. Nature is a wonderful place to help refresh the mind and soul and exercise gets those endorphins flowing again. When you are down or stressed you may need to remind yourself of what’s still good in your life because you might be so caught up in the situation and/or emotions that you overlook all the things and people that are there for you. Perhaps do some things that make you laugh. Get together with friends or family, watch a funny movie or show. Laughter is really great medicine for stress. Make a list of all the things that are positive right now in your life. Maybe the sun is shining, or someones smile made you smile, or a nurse or doctor went the extra mile, or someone sent you a message or called, or perhaps you read or saw something that made you feel a little better. If you haven’t read the book, "Oh The Places You’ll Go", by Dr. Seuss, give it a try, it’s not just for kids you know. Some days you may have to dig deep to find that one thing that seems like a shining star lighting your way, but it’s there, really it is. The biggest hurdle can be believing that things will get better and if they don’t, that you can be okay and you can make it through. Every experience you endure is teaching you something about you, another person, or perhaps something that effects the greater whole. When you make it through that tough time, remember what helped you and what you learned. There is always someone out there who could use a helping hand or a shoulder to lean just like you did and perhaps you can be the beacon of hope, light, laughter, or a reminder that they are not alone. Using these techniques, you can gain the insights that help you through those stressful times. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: