Bad behavior should be punished, but good behavior should be rewarded. Losing weight is very good behavior, so you need to think seriously about how you will treat yourself once you achieve your target weight. We know one young lady who dieted for several months until she shed her excess fat – she rewarded herself with a trip to Europe. You may not be able to afford such a lavish reward, but here are some suggestions within everyone’s reach:

1.    Bubble Bath: There are really nice gift packages available containing bath salts, shampoos, etc. that makes you feel and smell good. We suggest you treat yourself to a bubble bath every time you lose another five pounds.

2.    Healthy Treat: After a ten-pound loss, treat yourself to some low-fat cheese. We prefer jalapeno jack. Just one ounce will seem like a feast.

3.    Magazines: You probably don’t have the time or money to spend on frivolous magazines. We say, buy one and take into the bubble bath with you. Our favorite: People.

4.    Massage: Now that you are no longer ashamed of your body, treat yourself to a massage at your local day-spa. Even more fun – bring a friend along.

5.    Swimsuit: Remember how you swore you’d never go to the beach because of how hideous you looked in a swimsuit? Those days are over now – buy yourself a revealing bikini and get a nice tan at the shore.

6.    Movie: See a chick-flick. Yes, it’s a guilty pleasure, but you’ve earned it. We like anything with Kristen Wiig.

7.    Fix Up your Home: You probably have a number of interior decorating ideas that have been on hold. Go ahead and indulge — it will brighten your spirits even more.

8.    Music: Do you own an MP3 player? We didn’t think so. They really aren’t very expensive, and anyway, you are worth it.

9.    Weekend: Catch a bus to a nice weekend getaway. You can go to the beach, or maybe visit a ski lodge in the winter.

10. Restaurant: We are not talking about Jack-in-the-Box. Pick a super exclusive restaurant that serves delicious dishes like baked grouper or trout, and have a nice side order of Brussel sprouts or kale.

11.  Cruise: Some cruises are surprisingly affordable. Even if it’s just a round trip on the Staten Island Ferry, it will get you out on the water and in the sun.

One last piece of advice: do NOT reward yourself by going on a junk food binge. You’ll only end up where you started.