Wang Yi group of Philippines Nanhai arbitration ": don’t bump south wall does not return data figure: Wang Yi" Aquino III of Chinese said, to comply with the ruling of the South China Sea arbitration tribunal." Philippines website InterAksyon17 reported on this topic, in the U.S. – ASEAN leaders meeting at the end of the day, Philippine President Aquino issued a statement in California, "he called for the entire international community, including Chinese, comply with the decision of the tribunal, in order to show respect for the rule of law". Obviously, hijacking other countries to support the Philippines courtroom drama is the biggest goal of Aquino III’s trip. According to "Manila times" reported that Aquino III 15 days before leaving for the United States vowed to "tour of the United States will bring good news". Taiwan’s "United Daily News" website reported that Obama 16 first statement, he said the party must discuss regional claims through legal means of peaceful settlement of disputes with ASEAN leaders, "for example, according to the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea is about to make the arbitration decision, the parties have the obligation to respect and obey." In June this year, President Aquino III road will come to an end, so the trip quite like his "Swan song". "The Manila times" 16 reported that Obama and ASEAN leaders "seek a unified China front, Obama and the ASEAN leaders will discuss and make a common response to the South China Sea dispute arbitration tribunal decision proposed by Philippines in the United states. This year in April or May, the verdict may be announced, collective endorsement — the United States and ASEAN to court — no matter what the result will increase the pressure to China. Philippines proposed treachery Nanhai arbitration, so we have to suspect that behind the Philippines not hit back wall is not whether the practice has complicated international background, even the hidden political purpose not to be divulged." 17, China foreign minister Wang Yi said, Chinese joined the "United Nations Convention on the law of the sea" in 2006, according to article 298th of the Convention to give rights, published on issues of territorial sovereignty and maritime rights issues does not accept arbitration to exclude statements. Now of course Chinese government will continue to adhere to this position. And there are more than 30 countries worldwide, including Australia, have made similar statements excluded. He said that China does not accept Philippines’s arbitration case on the South China Sea, it is in accordance with the law. The same day, the Taiwan authorities said, can not accept the arbitration tribunal decision, the decision does not affect the rights of the South China Sea in Taiwan. "Nikkei Asian review" reported that 17, troops from the Philippines to revive the relationship between Philippine get many benefits. But the United States is to strengthen relations with Philippines without selfishness. Chinese now has a base in Hainan Island, with the sea based nuclear deterrent. China stealth performance is not too good of the submarine, must pass through the South China Sea and the Western Pacific to the channel. The strait between Philippines and Taiwan, Luzon is one of the most attractive deepwater channel from the South China Sea to the Western Pacific for the China continent, because Japan and the United States actually blocked all the North channel. In the United States to strengthen Philippines’s influence, will be helpful in tracking and potential in the South China Sea from Chinese submarine. So, in January the United States two nuclear powered attack submarine to visit Philippines, the vast.

王毅批菲律宾“南海仲裁案”:不撞南墙不回头 资料图:王毅   “阿基诺三世对中国说,遵守仲裁庭对南海的裁决。”菲律宾网站InterAksyon17日以此为题报道称,在此次美国-东盟领导人会议最后一天,菲总统阿基诺三世在加州发表一份声明,“他呼吁包括中国在内的整个国际社会,遵守仲裁庭的判决,以此展示对法治的尊重”。显而易见,劫持其他国家支持菲律宾的官司闹剧才是阿基诺三世此行的最大目标。据《马尼拉时报》报道,阿基诺三世15日动身去美国之前誓言“美国之旅将带来好消息”。   台湾《联合报》网站报道说,奥巴马16日首度表态,表示他与东盟十国领导人讨论区域各声索方必须通过合法方式和平解决争端,“例如根据联合国海洋法公约即将做出的仲裁判决,各方有义务要尊重与遵守。”今年6月,阿基诺三世的总统之路就将走到尽头,因此此次出行颇像他的“天鹅挽歌”。《马尼拉时报》16日报道称,奥巴马与东盟领导人“寻求统一的对华阵线”,奥巴马与东盟领导人将在美国讨论对仲裁庭判决菲律宾提出的南海争议案做出一个共同回应。今年4月或5月,判决结果可能宣布,美国与东盟对法庭的集体认可――无论结果如何――将给中国增加压力。   “菲律宾背信弃义提出南海仲裁案,使我们不得不怀疑,菲律宾这种不撞南墙不回头的做法背后是否有复杂的国际背景,甚至隐藏着不可告人的政治目的。”17日,中国外长王毅表示,中国加入《联合国海洋法公约》后,于2006年依据公约第298条所赋予的权利,公开发表了在涉及领土主权和海洋权益问题上不接受仲裁的排除性声明。现在的中国政府当然要继续坚持这一立场。而且全球有30多个国家,包括澳大利亚,都作出了类似的排除性声明。他说,中方不接受菲律宾提出的南海仲裁案,恰恰是依法行事。同一天,台湾当局表示,不能接受仲裁庭判决,判决不影响台湾在南海的各项权利。   《日经亚洲评论》17日报道说,菲律宾军队从重振菲美关系中获得诸多好处。但美国强化与菲律宾的关系绝非没有私心。中国现在有基地在海南岛,拥有海基核威慑力量。中国隐身性能不太好的潜艇,必须穿过南海及其通往西太平洋的通道。菲律宾与台湾之间的吕宋海峡对于中国大陆来说是从南海进入西太平洋的最具吸引力的深水通道,因为日本和美国实际上挡住了北面的所有通道。美国在菲律宾影响力的加强,将有助于跟踪和潜在地在整个南海拦阻中国潜艇。所以,1月份美国两艘核动力攻击潜艇访问菲律宾,绝非意外。相关的主题文章: