Wang Xiaochen: the most popular fashion. The most popular fashion entertainment Sohu – Chick     Sohu entertainment news urban inspirational emotional drama "Hello Joanne" ending for a while, but the show’s reputation continues to ferment, the network hit rate is steadily rising. Review of the drama starring Wang Xiaochen along the way many works, was hailed as the "85 after the first female urban drama" she not only acting to get the audience’s recognition, the increasing taste in clothes also attracted the attention of the public, more netizens exclamation "really are the most popular ah!" "The second time" – Golden: cute funny playful freaky "golden age": funny child lovely playful freaky urban drama "the second time" hit has brought a new career step for Wang Xiaochen, the play in addition to sharp topic triggered widespread sympathy, Wang Xiaochen superb acting is also highly acclaimed. Drama, Wang Xiaochen subvert the traditional mother shape, opened a tease than the hot mom mode. It works as an urban drama starring Wang Xiaochen, golden cute let her get more audience. It is worth mentioning that the sweetheart and daughter with box, first appeared in the freaky role of Wang Xiaochen in the play with children not only appearance, add a bit of fun, yet Almighty mother image. "Good times" – Mao Xiaochun: cat girl "fashion fresh time" Mao Xiaochun: fresh and stylish cat girl hot last year "good times" in the Urban TV series, women dress style fashion fresh Mao Xiaochun Wang Xiaochen plays, dubbed the most suitable for urban young girls to emulate the style of dress. Among them, a set of White Sleeveless Dress with light colored happy shoes, coupled with a stylish avant-garde cat ears sunglasses, but also friends as the most suitable for dating dress up". Different from other roles in the drama is more beautiful and complex clothing style, Mao Xiaochun’s style of dressing main light jane. Or is the home style warm pink tracksuit, or fresh white dress, kind of out of the other let Mao Xiaochun become the hearts of the audience civilian goddess, the cat girl in the final harvest of love. "Hello," Jo Ann Ni: good entry-level sharp adorable sister "hello" Jo Ann Ni: good entry-level sharp adorable sister just ending the "hello" Joanne, Wang Xiaochen as a "female warriors" Ni, use the words, Ni good contract the whole drama bursting point. Although the role of more funny, but the play is the shape of Wang Xiaochen netizens called fresh smart, let a person’s eyes bright. If Joanne clothing shows the Queen’s aura, the Ni good outfit will be suitable for entering the workplace are soft girl. In the film, Wang Xiaochen in the summer of fresh ice cream colored clothing collocation show, whether leisure or workplace dress suits, small fresh colors are perfectly embodies the Ni sweet temperament good girl next door. My! The PE teacher "- King millet: vitality 90" my strength! The PE teacher "King millet: vitality vitality 90 drama" my girl! The PE teacher "just fixing," Wang Xiaochen once again challenge the role of 90. Comb up.相关的主题文章: