Wang Sicong prefers close companion for new cute female entertainment Sohu   users encounter Wang Sicong   Wang Sicong who Sohu entertainment news recently, some friends broke their dinner by Wang Sicong, although Wang Sicong only less than one hundred of the meal, but talking about tens of millions of investment. But it is worth noting that this time Wang Sicong’s companion and double?? for a couple, the woman looks pure and sweet smile, but not before being photographed girlfriend beans have children. At present, the woman who is still unknown.   beans get son Yan value is also very high on the 6 day, the famous blogger gossip care association to grow with Wang Sicong bean have broke the relationship with King son, beans and have children together has been more than a year, the first two people is introduced through friends, when the beans have children have a boyfriend. Sydney, Wang Sicong is still together. But when the beans have a boyfriend that she went to the king to see the concert, but also played a meal. Now because of the relationship between Wang Sicong, beans have children had much better than before, began to back hundreds of thousands of bags, worth hundreds of thousands of jewelry, and from the school dormitory moved to Wang Sicong home. But broke the news also pointed out that the beans have children belong to more people love to go to the nightclub, and Wang Sicong does not love his companion too love to play, two people therefore also had several times, skelter several times. Before the king of the Sydney girlfriend is very obedient, even at the dinner also belong to the words less people.相关的主题文章: