Wang Kai Jam Hsiao sang erotic words big run sing Sina entertainment news variety "we fight" tonight will be broadcast on the ninth 22:00. This period, six male guests will be turned into the collective, the most handsome bodyguards, came to the landmark Happy Valley and bunny girls to start the amusement park romantic journey". In the face of the first appearance of female guests, six male guests with "Liao Mei" exhaust all the skills, skills staged a series of erotic words, Wang Kai [micro-blog] big run, Jam Hsiao [micro-blog] "love King" to sing sing, Wang Jiaer heart even sell adorable one knee deep white table. Male guests turned up the most handsome bodyguards in the amusement park and the beauty of the play after the opening of the mystery woman received a call for help, the men immediately put on the bodyguards to rescue. In the face of the first occurrence of the female guests, male guests who haven’t started in the game before the competition started secretly, "said Wang Jiaer chagrin should wear more handsome" side "bodyguards did not wear clothing" Wang Kai proudly boasted: "I am clever, I will wear very handsome". Came to the park, Wang Jiaer was a roller coaster scared silly, still clutching the Bunny’s hand to comfort Yang Shuo, don’t be afraid of heights, [micro-blog] will also accept the courage test in X chariot. The release of "collective tease Mei" skills Jam Hsiao singing sing love songs with their bunny, six male guests are beginning to enjoy the release of their "Liao Mei" skills. Jing Bairan [micro-blog] to Bunny shoelaces, Bai Jingting was fed Bunny mangosteen. "Subwoofer; Prince Wang Kai various erotic words blurted out, and Zang Hongna also staged a romantic plot; Jam Hsiao shot win handsome dolls, sang a love song; Wang Jiaer continues to sell adorable instinct, even single knee confession; tough guy Yang Shuo also show tenderness, and bunny romantic date. Male guests during the "boyfriend instinct", even close to prepare the gift. It is reported that the ninth phase "we fight it" will be broadcast in Jiangsu TV [micro-blog] tonight 22:00. (commissioning editor: Sammi-H)相关的主题文章: