Wang Jianlin: companies do not make money is immoral – Sohu news 2016 China Brand Forum held today in the people’s daily. Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin attended and delivered a speech on the value of the enterprise. He believes that the enterprise has three values: the existence of value, market value, social value. He pointed out that the highest level of corporate value is social value. "Enterprises must have a profit, companies do not make money should be said to be immoral." The distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, I speak on the topic of the value of the enterprise. Enterprises and brands can be said to have consistency, the brand is the enterprise, the enterprise and the brand looks almost, but there are differences, so today I specifically talk about the value of the enterprise. China now has more than 1 thousand enterprises, the world has hundreds of enterprises, thousands of years of enterprise registration, life and death, we continue to write off. Why do people want to engage in business? This is a question to be considered. I think that a business is nothing more than the pursuit of money, enterprise value, enterprise value is what value? Because of the time, I simply talk about three points: there is a value of a business enterprise registration, to carry out production and business activities, production and management to provide products, products may be tangible products that may also be an intangible service, to provide products in short. The existence of the enterprise has a certain value, the value needs to be a reasonable value. There are two points, one is that its products are qualified. Hagel said there is a reasonable, but some enterprises there may be a harm to the society, it is the production of substandard products, fake and shoddy, which is not qualified, it does not necessarily have the value of existence, so first of all to produce qualified products. Two is the enterprise must have the profit, the enterprise does not make money should say is immoral. An entrepreneur must make the enterprise to make money, if you do not make money, the profit is negative, continue to rely on shareholder input, such enterprises can not only continue to exist, but also a great waste of social resources. Before a long period of time, the emergence of a strange phenomenon, some enterprises do not make money, by continuing to tell the story, by shareholders sustained investment in enterprises still can put bubble blowing, the valuation is quite high, so many unprofitable companies can be listed, listed and continued for many years also continue to exist this is not reasonable. The corporate market value is the value, value evaluation standard is diverse, there are a variety of evaluation system, but the core is the market value is the market for enterprise valuation and evaluation. This is divided into two areas, a good understanding of the public company, corporate value is the market value of the stock, how much money, up or down, the vast majority of cases is a reasonable valuation of corporate profits, the existence and development goals. Of course, there are very few enterprises, through the play raised the price, but for the public companies, the overall market value is a kind of enterprise valuation method is the most reasonable. Private Companies has no value? Not listed, how to call the market value of Private Companies is not listed, but also the market value of. Where is the market value!相关的主题文章: