Vietnamese officials dismissed [] according to the Global Times special correspondent Xiangyang 4, Vietnam News Network reported for illegal imports of China old cars, the Vietnamese Ministry of transportation to revoke the general manager of Hanoi Railway Company Nguyen more association office, because he violated the provisions of the government of imported second-hand machinery, equipment and technology production line imported from Chinese policy, old the train. The report said, before this, Vietnam Railway Corporation under the Hanoi railway company announced that from 160 day old cars are imported Chinese Corporation approval. Among them, about 120 cars was made 20 years ago, the new 12 car also has 12 years of age. In addition to cancel more post Vietnam Nguyen Co, the Ministry of transport also requires further investigation on this case Car Buying, officials responsible for. Vietnam’s "Economic Daily" reported that, with the rapid development of low-cost airline and highway, railway transportation ticketing service station, although is improving quality and service style, but running less than 90 kilometers per hour and the railway transportation is facing fierce competition, survival difficult. Vietnam Railway Corporation has begun to invest, improve the existing railway line facilities and operating conditions, efforts in 2020 to speed up to 90 km above, accelerate the electronic ticket service, enhance the quality of the station, train operation and purchase new cars. Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) commented that, compared with other departments of transportation, railway transportation is quite backward in vietnam. Chinese vigorously develop its railway construction in recent years, the construction of high-speed railway, the railway system to promote the updating of equipment. "Vietnam Youth newspaper" said, China also provided more than $400 million in loans to help build the Vietnam railway viaduct in Hanoi. This railway 13 trains, will be responsible for manufacturing company Chinese. BBC said Chinese is Vietnam’s largest trade deficit, while China exports accounted for only third of Vietnam’s export trade. Vietnam customs statistics, in 2015 the bilateral trade volume of $67 billion 700 million. Among them, Vietnam exports about $17 billion 700 million, imports from China about $50 billion. BBC said that the trade deficit is increasing because of the Vietnam’s imports are growing exports to China rose several times. Editor: Mao min SN184

越南官员因违规进口中国旧车厢被撤职   [环球时报特约记者 向阳]据越南新闻网4日报道,越南交通部撤销河内铁路公司总经理阮越协的职务,因为他违反了政府进口二手机械、设备和技术生产线的政策规定,从中国进口了陈旧的火车车厢。   该报道称,在此之前,越南铁路总公司属下的河内铁路公司宣布,从中国进口160节旧车厢得 到总公司批准。其中,大约120节车厢是20年前制造的,最新的12节车厢也有12年车龄。除了撤销阮越协的职务,越南交通部部长还要求就这一购车案展开 进一步调查,追究相关官员责任。   越南《经济日报》报道称,随着廉价航空和高速公路的快速发展,铁路运输业虽然正在改善售票 服务、车站质量和服务风格,但运行时速不足90公里的铁路运输正面临激烈竞争,生存艰难。越南铁路总公司已着手投资,改善现有铁路线路设施和运行条件,努 力在2020年前把时速提高到90公里以上,加速电子客票服务,提升车站质量,列车正点运行以及添置新的车厢。   英国广 播公司(BBC)评论说,与其他交通部门相比,越南的铁路运输显得相当落后。中国近年来大力发展自身的铁路建设,修建高速铁路的同时,推动铁路系统的设备 更新。越南《青年人报》称,中国还向越南提供超过4亿美元的优惠贷款,帮助在河内修建高架铁路。这条铁路的13趟列车,都将由中国公司负责生产制造。      BBC称,中国是越南最大的贸易逆差国,而对华出口贸易额只占越南出口贸易的第三 位。越南海关统计,2015年越中双边贸易额约677亿美元。其中,越南对华出口约177亿美元,自华进口约500亿美元。BBC说,对华贸易逆差不断加 大是因为越南对华进口增长是对华出口增长的数倍。 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章: