Beijing – VIDEO – be brave and not afraid to lose the Hongkong racing boy when the President be brave and not afraid to lose the Hongkong racing boy transition when the principal [comment] in the Hongkong racing school office first met Xian acument, it is difficult to imagine this transformation looks elegant, his speech politely big boy was racing all-powerful often, winning racer. 8 years ago, a chance to make the first time at the age of 25 in the new territories of Hongkong Long Beach small car racing experience. Then, by virtue of hard learning and training the talent, the first small car in the Xian acument (go kart championship game). From 2008 to 2009, while for the full development of Xian acument racing career, to catch up with the financial turmoil, the sponsor cut off to Xian acument budget, bent on doing racing he suddenly unable to participate in the competition, the development of hit, stalled. Do not want to give up the cause of the beloved car, but also unable to compete, he was at a loss in the lives of friends and social workers inspired by the start of non profit making agencies as a racing coach. The car in Hongkong belongs to the recognition of the low performance of the campaign, there is no dedicated racing venue, then there is no formal racing school. In 2011, Xian acument fancy "popular" the opportunity to start racing school. The early start, no business experience of the Xian acument quite a few detours. Although rented a large office, and enrollment in the crowded business district to put the car and the simulation of the driver to watch and experience, spent a lot of financial resources, the effect is not ideal. The same period [] Hongkong racing school founder Xian Haoming put the machine out of driving simulation to others play, keep the car out for everyone to see, in fact, have to come back from a business point of the result is not so ideal, we put a few days before a few times, spend a lot of manpower resources, all the money, but even a the students have not received. [comment] later, Xian acument tried to use the Internet and social media promotion and publicity, combined with their accumulation in the racing industry contacts, some people start school registration. The same period [] Hongkong racing school founder Xian Haoming first class I teach young children, many young children you know is more active, willing to challenge some of the new things. For example, at that time, when teaching with them that the car is a fire suit, fire protection. They went to the lighter and tried to burn it to see if it was really fire. Tell them that the helmet very hard, they will really take the helmet wall, the moment I really anxious. But I feel that the original child is so cute, but also to do the coach is not so boring as I imagined, but also very challenging work. [comment] Xian acument edge teaching side to explore the adjustment of school teaching and management. Racing school is currently recruiting young students, taking into account the adult curriculum. There are small cars (go kart), racing, car driving, drift four courses, students can also according to the requirements of customized specialized courses. Each class is divided into primary, intermediate and other different stages. Xian also formed a school coach team, the road相关的主题文章: