Photography Because of the advantages provided by the Internet nowadays, there is no difference among people trying to make money online. We all have the same chances, no matter where we live in this world. For a matter of fact, the activity I get my money out of is one of the best examples: I upload photos to get paid. When I first started in online photo selling, the only thing I had was a digital camera. No previous experience whatsoever. Because of the couple hundred dollars I used to get every month for selling my photos, I decided to take advantage of a trip to Thailand. During two weeks, I took a total of about 4000 photos of the places I found interesting. When I got home I submitted those photos to the specialized websites I was working with, hoping for a nice sum of money. The result was shocking! I made a little more than $10,000 during the next two months, earning about $2.5 per unique download (that means the buyer has .plete rights on the photo). The decision I took then, to upload photos to get paid, was a critical one in my career. Nowadays, I make a full time in.e out of selling photos. The concept this whole industry is based on is quite simple. People looking for cheap photos choose to buy pictures taken by amateurs, simply because professional photographers can be very expensive. This is where specialized websites step in, simplifying this whole process. People who want to upload photos to get paid submit their pictures to these directories, and interested buyers can easily find what they are looking for. Instead of paying a few hundred dollars for a private photo-shooting session, they choose to pay about $2 — $3 for a unique photo. If you were the seller, imagine what you could earn for an hour’s work. How many pictures could you take in 60 minutes? Fifty? One hundred? Assuming you only take 50 photos during one hour and you only do this during weekends, that would mean a profit of about $500 a month for four hours of work. Not bad, right? One of the greatest advantages of this "job" is that you need no previous experience in order to be successful. All you really need is a digital camera and you’re good to go! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: