Ullens, let us close to the public art poster theme: let us close to the public art of artistic and cultural projects in the public participation of the   Approaching Public Art Public engagement in Arts and – Culture time: October 29, 2016 3-5 in the afternoon to discuss the art education and public art in the case of how to lead the children’s education and children’s participation. Artist Fan Yaping with her years of practice of art education, the curator Matthew GA Nat and the British government culture art project expert Wendy Scott also on the theme of the actual case for their past as the center, in the form of PPT to introduce and discuss. The objective of the Forum: 1 Comparison and discussion China art projects and British art projects to public education for the purpose of extending activities. 2 different ways and discuss the possibility of public art education under the age of 3 different parents and educational institutions, how to lead the children to art for intervention and social concern, Maxiujianate speaker: Fan Yaping Matthew Jarratt (UK), Wendy Scott Wendy Scott (UK) Fan Yaping Fan Yaping: graduated from Guangzhou Acmdemy of Fine Arts, master of Arts, doctor of psychology, now living and working in Beijing. Through the oil painting, installation, sculpture, ink, video, poetry and other forms of works to express her thoughts on human nature. Fan Yaping works in galleries and museums around the world have exhibited at the Biennale, the British Prince Charles Foundation (2016), Italy Venice Biennale Venice Mora Palace (2013), Paris The Grand Palace (2014), Japan (2009), Fukuoka Art Museum, the Asian Art Museum (2009), Today Art Museum China (2015), Guangdong Art Museum Chinese (2007), Estonia (2006), Tallinn Art Museum held many artists exhibition and solo exhibition, works mainly by Today Art Museum, Cardiff University in Britain, China Construction Bank, the Consulate General of France, Swiss consulate, Guangdong Museum of art and other important institutions and individual collectors. Published in the "black and white sensibility", "I am not in my room", "angel’s Secret Garden", "image decoding" and other works and academic monographs. Matthew · ·: British Matthew canat; Gannett regional and city culture development consultant. Served as curator and project consultant for 15 years of the British Arts Council, the northeastern region of the United Kingdom, London and Brussels. Cooperate with a number of well-known artists, and participate in the construction of new cultural architecture. Anthony Gomm Leigh, Temenos and Tarantantara, who have been involved in a large well-known public art such as the northern angel, Aneesh Kapp. Now as the British northeast culture cooperation agency project manager, artistic director of city sculpture park Cheeseburn, director of the London Gallery and the Royal Alex sculpture association. Wendy · SCAW.相关的主题文章: