The development of Underwater Unmanned submarine submarine to deal with Russia to consolidate the advantages of the original title: military research underwater drones to deal with Russia to consolidate the submarine submarine advantage diagram [global network reported on November 27th military   according to the U.S. "Washington Post" reported on November 24th, when Russia and a large number of investment Chinese submarine fleet, The Pentagon to seek through the introduction of new technology. Gain an advantage. The Pentagon is seeking to deploy an underwater robot under water – an underwater unmanned aerial vehicle to patrol the seabed, while building a recharging station for the drones. U.S. media said the seabed environment is much worse than unmanned aerial vehicles encountered in the air environment, in recent years, the underwater unmanned aerial vehicle has been able to overcome the great difficulties of the marine environment operations. The sea will erode the metal, the sea water pressure is huge, communication is also very limited, so the underwater unmanned aerial vehicles must be able to navigate, without remote control. Despite great difficulties, the Navy still tested and deployed several for mapping the ocean floor, looking for mines, submarines, and even attack the new device. Although these drones have been able to stay underwater for days or even weeks, the goal is to create a network of underwater service stations that allow them to operate underwater for months and years. A senior fellow at the center for strategic and Budgetary Assessments of Brian – Clark said that The Pentagon in undersea warfare, the United States than any other country has more advantages. What is happening is that other countries are developing maritime capabilities, so the United States is more dependent on water. The goal is to deploy an unmanned underwater vehicle, such as a fighter, from a carrier. China and other countries have produced sensors that can detect large manned submarines, but the military can still send small, difficult to detect unmanned submarine. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: