Two trillion bank finance into the real estate banking regulatory commission to close the illegal capital output gate We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Bank financing into real estate funds soared, an increase of 500 billion yuan in the first half, the growth rate of up to 32%. Because the real estate regulation, the CBRC began to strictly control the bank financial irregularities into real estate "investor" reporter Xin accounted for no good investment channels, the majority of bank financial capital into the real estate field, in the background of the overall real estate regulation, in order to avoid risks, the CBRC recently held in the three quarter of the economic and financial situation analysis meeting but in the field of real estate financial risks and requirements. The meeting pointed out should strictly control the real estate finance risk, strict implementation of the real estate loan regulation requirements and regulatory policies; and prudent conduct real estate intermediary enterprises and related business; standardize all kinds of loan business management, prohibit the issuance or misappropriation of credit funds into the real estate field; strengthen the investment management of financial management funds, bank financing funds is strictly prohibited enter the field of real estate; and the strengthening of the real estate trust business compliance management. There is the view that since the beginning of the credit policy and the policy of real estate prices and the expansion of the real estate market, leading to financial capital and credit most of the funds to invest in the real estate sector and other industries, a serious shortage of capital inflows. However, overwhelmed by the CBRC technical brake on the substance is a mere formality, the industry believes that will remain to be further observed. What is the content of the meeting there is no illegal specific provisions mentioned two violations, one is "prohibit the issuance or misappropriation of credit funds into the real estate sector, two is to strengthen the investment management of financial management funds, bank financing funds is strictly prohibited to enter the field of real estate". According to the investor news reporter learned from the management department to understand the information, what is the violation has not yet seen a new rules and documents to guide the specific operations of the business. It is reported that the current financial centralized registration, information disclosure, financial trusteeship settlement, financial database construction and financial innovation, research, consulting evaluation focused registration hosting Center Limited clearing limited liability company’s banking financial management at the Central Securities Depository (hereinafter referred to as the "financial center"), however, although the financial center fame, set up time is not long, it is reported that the debt board initiated by the CBRC, the Ministry of Finance approved, established in the year. The financial center in the management of the registration of financial products are divided into two categories. One is from the private banking customized products, this kind of financial or investment can advance sale, after registration; the other is the general personal finance for the general public, this kind of product you need to advance in the report for the financial center, through to report, sent to after registration. In general, the financial products through the financial center of the platform report CBRC, CBRC also look at the product through the financial center platform." Informed sources to the investor news reporter on相关的主题文章: