Two people who forged medical records more than 1.5 invoices to cheat NCMS compensation – Beijing, because hand tight, together with others through forged medical records, medical invoice, cheat NCMS compensation. Recently, Fujian County, Zhangpu Procuratorate on suspicion of fraud will be prosecuted Li Ting. One day in August 2014, Lee was due to cash strapped trying to cheat money for their own expenses, they found Hu (already sentenced), using its own social security card to Hu, through forged medical records and invoices to the NCMS reimbursement Center for medical compensation. Hu spent a lot of money because of his illness, listen to say Li Ting relented, and the social security card to Li Ting. A few days, Li Ting forged a false medical records and invoices in No.3 Hospital of Peking University. In September 3rd of the same year, Hu and Li Ting together with a forged material to the county community NCMS reimbursement Center for medical compensation, successfully defrauding the new rural cooperative medical compensation 1.5 yuan. Then, Hu and Li Ting will be dividing. It is reported that Li Ting used the means of fraud. In June 15th this year, fled Li Ting surrendered to the police initiative. (Chen Yangui, Zhang Linfei)相关的主题文章: