Too much like! Ada Choi difficult to imitate Korean actress Ada Choi posted "nose depression pictures from Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported on August 28th, the 42 year old nose depression" Hong Kong star Ada Choi [micro-blog] in "The Legend of Zhen Huan" harem play in their brains, cruel and vicious, but in reality, it is just a crush on her husband Zhang Jin [micro-blog] a small woman, husband and wife or spending 27 days in love, her micro-blog flash, first posted as husband said although not muscle, like each other, but she was able to do a stunt, after photos posted, immediately let users think of the South Korean women’s "I.O.I" nose depression film accident a hot. South Korean actress Lin Narong (Lu: Ren Naying) because participate in the talent show "Produce101" debut, became a member of the "I.O.I" group and served as captain, the day before was dug down sobbing, twisted nose in the past show the picture on the right hand to the nose, a pinch, not material but no rebound, but showing the alar depression state, only the remaining nose Liting, resulting in integer four rumours and this picture has become a public hot topic. Ada Choi, 27, in the micro-blog put flash, first posted her husband’s bare upper body muscles, according to Zhang Jin, although I can not do so… But I don’t believe you can be like me." When she posted from the pictures, I saw her nose on both sides seem to be sucked, showing a nose depression picture, only the upright nose, also happy in front of the camera than the victory sign "YA", "we can’t learn by us, I win!" Ada Choi will open a series of funny acts after the couple sweet interaction blind people, he posted the "nose sag" self portrait, is to allow users to think of "I.O.I" Captain Lin Narong suspected cosmetic failure of the film, attracted many fans refer to this message can be washed before the Han group actress "," before the Korean girls cosmetic face "," you are really powerful, nose "," finally found like me will sniff the skill of the people ", the network accidentally set off a heated discussion. (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: