Small dull remarks died over! Lin Chiling: spray box office – Kevin Tsai movie shooting entertainment Sohu s     Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, 12 months after the last year s in "Kangxi", although the temporary loss of the TV stage, but she is the first book in the face of Po and cooking daughter interactive film brush sense, and will pave the way for the published yesterday "the ultimate mentor" cook book international. And she even shot the film, also looking for friendship help Lin Chiling trouble, said she was a "box office poison, no program can still strong speculation, this is the charm of small red net. S left "Kangxi", is one of the reasons for a circle of friends Kevin Tsai movie dream, but she did not show privately completely idle, in March this year in Milan fashion week, also squeeze "New York Times" fashion pages, create an international superstar face, October continue to forward the Paris fashion week, naked shorts boots again other suction eye media, not the "Kangxi", she can still lead coquettish. Last month the shooting finally directed by Kevin Tsai "eat" love, love with Lin Chiling compared her, always by Huang Bo, Kevin Tsai and other friends have said that regardless of appearance, firing conditions are "Zhi Ling victory", can be cast into a small, immediately ask the staff to drink Starbucks, diners serve straight choke Zhiling mobilization "how can you not understand, please 2 barrels of coffee!" Reporters yesterday the book, ask the media to eat also boldly said, "Chicken with Three Cups Sauce, the husband will be hungry to eat here." After wait fire said that Zhi Ling was "box office" and "I am the heroine, she is a guest," dull remarks died over, reporters asked her not afraid to offend Zhiling fans? She also replied, "I am the one who lives in my world." In the entertainment circle for its continued uninhibited image.相关的主题文章: