Tian Yusong: G20 green investment is expected to become the next hot spot in the market Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! After G20, green investment is expected to become the next hot spot in the global fund Societe Generale Tian Yusong in the just concluded G20 summit, green finance has become one of the important topics discussed by member states. On the eve of the opening of the G20 summit, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the central deep reform group meeting pointed out that the use of green credit, green bonds, green stock index and related products such as green development services. Green finance is the investment and financing activities that can produce environmental benefits to support sustainable development. Specifically, is to support the environment, climate change and resource conservation and efficient use of economic activities on environmental protection and energy saving, clean energy, green transportation, green building projects in the areas of investment and financing, project operation, risk management and other financial services provided by financial category can be classified as green. In this session of the G20, China and the United States adopted the "Paris agreement" will greatly promote the agreement entered into force this year, which is more effective on the constraints and supervision of carbon emissions of member states. Before this, the global climate change action mainly depends on some norms of the UN Climate Conference on, however these norms are on a voluntary basis, the lack of legal constraints and implement sufficient driving ability; based on the G20 platform "Paris agreement", in this more in-depth and effective. Green finance in the specific practice of the process, will also be very strong impetus to the green industry. Now, if you want to make the transformation of traditional industries through green technology is faced with large investment, long cycle and high technical threshold of realistic problems in the process of investment and financing, also will be short-term profit and poor performance of some green projects, thus losing into financial assets, the negative effects that may affect the other companies in the making, thus forming a vicious spiral. And this is the meaning of green finance. Despite the lack of a short-term incentive income, on the other hand, the global economic challenges go slow under the government policy support is lacking, but the green finance will be through the superstructure to influence the investment and financing environment, making it more friendly to the environment, to reduce pollution and carbon emissions, improve resource use efficiency in the direction of development. Back to the domestic new policy, the central deep reform group meeting examined and adopted the "on the construction of green financial system guidance" clearly pointed out: in the development of green finance, is an important measure to achieve green development, but also an important content of the supply side structural reform. Through innovative financial system arrangements, to guide and encourage more social capital into the green industry, while effectively curb pollution investment. Make full use of green credit, green bonds, green stock index and related products, green development fund, green insurance, carbon finance and other financial instruments and related policies for green development services. As a green investment, green science and technology industry and the company相关的主题文章: