Tian Jing watched the video to "the Great Wall" generals – 300 days of entertainment Sohu not easily won the achievement of "the Great Wall" and the generals Sohu entertainment news from the movie "the Great Wall" released in December 16th more and more close, the Department Director Zhang Yimou for the return will be set in ancient China, with new concept and imagination about around the Great Wall a fantasy story. The gorgeous cast not only brings together Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, William Dafoe and also assembled a large coffee, Andy Lau, Zhang Hanyu, Wang Junkai and other stars, Luhan China, plus Trailer grand scenes and beautiful effects, make the film prepared by the audience look forward to. Recently, the network exposed as a female general Lin Mei Tian Jing as the "the Great Wall" of the special training in the featurette, her hard fist, feet, stick, turn, fly, five major projects. From the Kung Fu to use weapons, from the ground to the rolling flying prance, dazzling, too busy to attend to all hooked after watching. Decided to accept the harsh conditions as Hollywood production of "the Great Wall", has always been the cognitive process of casting and China audience is very different, light is casting used for several months, every character should be determined through the layers to audition. Tian Jing had revealed in an interview, no contract, no promises, when she is facing may play a leading led role of the generals "". Ask her, would you? She nodded. Then, put aside all work far away from home all closed martial arts and performing training lasted for half a year to? She nodded again. Another reality lies in front of you: you are not the only candidate, there are other competitors, but will not tell who you are, the end of six months of training, and then decided not to vote for you, still willing to do? Faced with such harsh conditions, Tian Jing resolutely accepted. Far away from home and worked hard three quarter Tian Jing from the beginning of 2014 to contact the movie "the Great Wall", to the first half and then back to the closure of the training China shooting, before and after Tian Jing paid more than 300 days. According to the "the Great Wall" producer Tian Jing Luo Yi said, from the summer of 2014 to the spring of 2015 to return to the United States, China shooting lasted for half a year eight hours a day, seven days a week without interruption in the United States during the closed training, no other work, even the 2015 Spring Festival is all alone in the United states. Was injured many times, but still adhere to training. The so-called closed training, represented from the residence to the training base of two line of life, so no exception. Tian Jing will often record training videos sent to directors and producers to seek advice, the degree of serious efforts can be seen. Difficult moves independently of video footage of five steps "on the fly" as part of the finale of the link, the lens Wei jump jump Tian Jing, caused many users to discuss, especially in the movie trailer after exposure, this handsome lens has been a lot of audience’s praise. But unknown, in the widespread use of double action movie professional practices, Tian Jing himself completed beyond all expectations many special complex movements, including the movement from high jump to jump, but also to complete her own. Film side has revealed, Tian Jing相关的主题文章: