This is your wrong "Diablo" because there is no Chinese dungeon brush was poor not long ago, "football manager 2017" Chinese incident caused by the official announcement of the final raise a Babel of criticism of, Sega will launch Chinese come to an end. This is a game player for Chinese event. But now there are some things that don’t look good. "Diablo" dark dungeon dungeon is a very strong rougelike style of the game, the game itself excellent reputation, as an independent game recently exceeded one million copies sold, the game player is a very strong purchasing power. But we can browse the store page found in the evaluation of suddenly many poor, many of which show the game player game is not a long time, there are also some game player of the game more than 100 hours, while the bad reason is not Chinese. Dark dungeon suffered a large number of players may be poor football manager 2017 things, so that some players mistakenly believe that by forcing a large number of bad reviews forced developers to join chinese. But this kind of behavior is a little too childish. "Football manager 2017" play all the bad ratings, the main reason is from the developers responsible person is not trustworthy and very friendly attitude. But the dark dungeon developer has never promised to add chinese. Where is the reason for the business review? There are game player expressed dissatisfaction with these malicious bad game player on this game player is like many unreasonable brush poor behavior to give criticism, as some of the other game player has pointed out, "the Chinese said no to the poor people can go to community developers provided advice blindly in the comments section brush poor behavior is not decent but naive. Or is that the game did not want to go out of the Chinese lock?" As a player, it is not willing to see such a situation. There are a lot of players in the comments expressed dissatisfaction with the dark dungeon, because of its high visibility, such a bad review appears to be more. In a Age (The Silent), the game evaluation, also appeared in this situation. And the player’s words are a bit rude. But reply to his domestic players, although the same rude words, but also a criticism of it. Malicious bad game player "not only with threatened Chinese bad in the forum there are many game player expressed dissatisfaction (source: gamersky   Editor: WB) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: