The Xu Yuyu case two suspects: Zheng "earn money never longer than the mountains" – Beijing, Zheng Xiancong’s parents do not want to face the outsiders, they are ordinary farmers, don’t know how to deal with my son. Zheng Jinfeng’s mother talked about his son Lin Ying cries on the morning of 28 9 PM, from Fujian police sources said, Shandong Linyi girl Xu Yuyu was in the case of fraud, a wanted last suspect that Zheng Xiancong’s surrender. So far, six suspects were in custody. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the village of Yongchun County village, 26, Zheng Xiancong has been hiding in the mountains nearby, the police have mobilized their families to persuade him to surrender. After Zheng Xiancong’s family and the village of village cadres together with cries of "mountain", the people shouted two days after a night, Zheng Xiancong finally came out and surrendered. In the case of Xu Yuyu another suspect Zheng Jinfeng also grew up in the village of, although surnamed Zheng, but he and Zheng Xiancong are not relatives, two people from understanding, but the two kilometers distance. Of the two young Zheng Village who has many common Tags: longer than the mountains, early birth, family difficulties, school underachievement. 2 days after Zheng Xiancong surrendered himself, your son down the mountain, you come, take him to surrender!" In late August 27th 8, Zheng Xiancong’s parents in the village in the hollow of crying. The surging crowd, Zheng Xiancong was escorted to the village Party branch, then the night sounded siren resounded in the village. 28 on the morning of 9 points to 05 points, the CCTV news release "Xu Yuyu case last one suspects surrendered, 6 suspects were all arrested". People in the village did not expect, they were in such a way that the national concern. Zheng Xiancong himself very well, without any resistance, when the first in the night to find his village cadres shouted: "Xian Cong down, quickly called his parents", just quietly waiting for Zheng Xiancong. 22 Zheng Xiancong returned to Dashancun, at that time, Xu Yuyu also did not detonate public opinion. Zheng Xiancong was taken away by the police before the parents said that he did not know of Xu Yuyu’s death was fraud after the incident, the 26 hid in the mountains, because saw the police in the village. "". 26 am, police went to the village to find Zheng Xiancong. Village cadres Zheng Feilong (sound) told reporters BYD, "the police started to go home next door (Zheng Xiancong), he (Zheng Xiancong) saw the police panicked," to buy a pack of cigarettes "as an excuse to run." As the village villagers Zheng Xiancong home, usually not much, he has three children, this is his wife and children to visit their parents back "". Village committee member Zheng Feilong said that after the escape of Zheng Xiancong, the village cadres began to do ideological work for the family. "The whole family, relatives have started up, and began to look for him, in the mountains to call his name, called him out to surrender, but also sent to the mountains to find, but surrounded by mountains, did not find." 27 evening, Zheng Xiancong down the mountain, as the village elders and cadres, Zheng Feilong said to him, give yourself up, you are still young, such a big thing, can not hide." Zheng Xiancong nodded and then cried. Zheng Xiancong’s parents are ordinary farmers, do not know how to deal with his son. So Zheng Feilong himself相关的主题文章: