The world’s most dangerous "highway to hell" 29 bends no fence lead: the island in recent years, there are countless lives buried here, become the world’s most dangerous road. (source: Global Times – Global Network) public concern number are cavity tune ", see more wonderful original content! [global network reported] according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on January 21st, the Turkey highway Bayburt D915 Road because there are 29 corners and on both sides of the road there is no fence, become new world’s most dangerous road. A list of the world’s most dangerous road in Turkey Bayburt D915 Road recently published in Turkey, the Bayburt D915 Road topped the list. A length of 66 miles (about 106 kilometers) of the whole road guardrail, coiled in Turkey Soganli hill, built in 1916 by Russian soldiers. Plus the 29 turn, the risk even more than Bolivia’s Death Road (death)". Turkey Bayburt D915 Road in recent years, there are countless lives buried in the Bayburt D915 Road has become the real "highway to hell". In winter, the ice because of the snow storm and road sections, often blocked. Turkey Bayburt D915 Road list, risk ranking second and third of the road are La piste de l ‘Amitie Keylong-Kishtwar highway road in India and new zealand.

世界上最危险的“地狱公路” 29道弯没有护栏   导语:这座岛近年来,已有无数生命葬身于此,成为世界上最危险的道路。(来源:环球时报-环球网) 关注公众号“ 有腔有调”,查看更多精彩原创内容!   【环球网综合报道】据英国《每日邮报》1月21日报道,土耳其公路Bayburt D915 Road因其共有29个急转弯且道路两边没有护栏,成为新晋世界上最危险的道路。 土耳其Bayburt D915 Road   最近公布的一份世界上最危险的道路名单中,土耳其的Bayburt D915 Road位居榜首。长66英里(约106公里)的道路全程无护栏,盘绕于土耳其Soganli山,于1916年由俄罗斯士兵建造。加上29个急转弯,其危险性甚至超过了玻利维亚的“Death Road(死亡之路)”。 土耳其Bayburt D915 Road   近年来,已有无数生命葬身于此,Bayburt D915 Road也因此成为真正的“地狱公路”。冬季,由于暴风雪和路面结冰,部分路段经常遭到封锁。 土耳其Bayburt D915 Road   名单中,危险度排名第二和第三的道路分别是印度的Keylong-Kishtwar 公路和新西兰的La piste de l‘Amitie公路。相关的主题文章: