The way between TUPT2016 game players a wonderful tour the landlord Miss twenty thousand yuan by the way tour game hosted by TUPT2016 way tour poker landlords national finals ended. This competition in addition to the first attempt of the game gaming this way, one of the highlights of 500 thousand bonuses also contest. While the TopAsia quarter three players is accounted for 180 thousand share of the prize. One of the players can get second in the final result, receive a bonus of fifty thousand yuan, but because of a choice between, and no runner up, not by people he felt pity. Let’s take a look at the final game. After a day of fighting, Han Zhongfu, Liu Kaina, Ou Guofei three people into the finals. At the end of the eighth inning, Han Zhongfu to score points in the lead, followed by -2 points of the and -8 points Liu Kai na. This field, called the flying if Europe won the case, and no double Han Zhongfu tie, double would surpass Han Zhongfu made the first, on the contrary, if lost will be tied with Liu Kaina even ranked third behind. TUPT2016 can be nominated for the national finals is already fighting the master, and can in the contest again reached the final table is the master of masters, the game is no longer a test of the player’s game, but the players psychological quality test. Ou Guofei is on the cards after the decisive called three points, in fact we can see this European flying hand is not enough to ensure to bid victory, if you choose a conservative, is ranked second. But in the face of such a large authority of the Landlords game, I think Europe is no longer flying at this time to see that several million gap, but as the highest honor award, rodeo. At this time Liu Kaina is also holding a stroke of the attitude, because he knew that this time has not been able to get the championship, but still have the opportunity to sprint runner up. Card on the field of rapid change, a variety of situations, we can not be able to think of every situation, this time to go to the analysis, to analyze how the opponent wants to fight, how do you want to play your partner, how should you fight. Soon, Liu Kaina will go out of the hands of the cards, leaving two cards in the hands of the landlord to the pressure at the same time, the trust will fall on the teammate Han Zhongfu body. While Han Zhongfu among the first to do is to let Liu Kaina single card away, don’t give the chance to Europe flew. The use of 2 decisive pressed Europe flew to A, and put a single brand to a Liu Kaina. Then, already had a good European hands no bomb Han Zhongfu flew out the decisive bomb, from before the cards and the multiple of three cards, that Liu Kaina hands no 3 and 4, and released 4 teammates acceptit, win the game. Finally, Han Zhongfu with 16 points to win the championship winning 100 thousand awards, Liu Kaina -2 points to the runner up, won 50 thousand awards in Europe, flying the -14 runner up, won the prize of 30 thousand yuan. Perhaps in the eyes of most people in Europe in the last game called the landlord flew hastily, keou said: "flying chess is the sports intelligence.相关的主题文章: