The steel collapse caused by 2 men trapped in a deep well by 2 reinforced insert new net body in the original title: Yunnan Pu’er site frame collapse caused by 2 men trapped deep one is 2 steel inserted into the body in Kunming on 30 September, (Liu Gang) 30 reporters from Yunnan Pu’er Ning’er county fire brigade was informed that a local site 29 accident caused 2 men trapped deep inside, one is 2 steel inserted into the body, dying. Fortunately, two people were rescued by fire. In the afternoon, Ninger county fire brigade received the alarm call: Taida Ninger County village ten Bureau of China Railway Project Department 500 meters before a site, 2 men from the construction accident trapped deep inside. After the alarm, the brigade immediately dispatched 1 vehicles to 6 people rushed to the scene disposal. The picture is rescue scene. Photo by Liu Gang brigade officers and soldiers arrived at the scene investigation that: deep cube, about 27 meters deep, 2 men were working rebar in the well, in a close to the wellhead when the steel collapse occurred, 2 men fell into the well about 19 meters, one of the men was 2 with a diameter of 25 mm rebar insert the right thigh, wound bleeding, and suspended in the pile wall, the urgent need to rescue, another man slightly bruised. 2 trapped above the large amount of reinforcement extrusion, wells force weak, unable to support more people to go down to the rescue, and the operation of small space, large rescue equipment can not be used, can only rely on small rescue rescue equipment. Well, there are about 6 meters deep water, as a result of groundwater, water levels are on the rise. Grasp the scene, the fire brigade immediately launched rescue. 2 officers and men down to the well, the use of a lifeline for the implementation of the rescue of men with minor injuries, the man was successfully rescued. Subsequently, the fire brigade arrived again the injured man was injured on the Straits were fixed, using ropes to prevent steel occurred two times, and the collapse of the man lives, and wait for the medical staff to the scene to rescue the injured man after the treatment of the implementation. Rescue, fire officers and soldiers and medical staff to cooperate with each other, after several hours of effort, will be rescued and sent to hospital for treatment. (end)相关的主题文章: