The "Star Lake" elite summit in Zhejiang Jiaxing thousands of people gathered on the opening – Beijing new network in Jiaxing in September 26, (Li Tingting) to those who rule the world in the ancient nation need talent, talent competition in today’s world, after all is the competition of talents. In September 26th, Zhejiang Jiaxing ushered in the 2016 star Yao Lake "elite summit" in Zhejiang Province, the national people plan experts, overseas high-level talents, well-known entrepreneurs of nearly a thousand people gathered in Jiaxing, and seek common development of economic and social transformation. Jiaxing is the director of the triangular regional center, is a direct participant in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration collaborative development and integration of Shanghai metropolitan area. In recent years, Jiaxing adhere to the innovation driven strategy, take the road of strong talent, vigorously implement the innovation Jiaxing elite leading plan, and actively create the best ecological development of talent. According to reports, the "12th Five-Year" since, Jiaxing city has accumulated introduce "thousands of" 135 experts, "thousands" of 118 experts, high-tech industries accounted for the regulation of industrial added value proportion rose to 43.9%, ranked first in Zhejiang province. In 13th Five-Year, Jiaxing has entered a critical period of transformation and development, and strive to build Zhejiang province into Shanghai comprehensive demonstration area, an important base and Jiangnan City Model Transformation of urban and rural development pilot area, the Yangtze River Delta development of high-tech achievements. It can be seen in today’s Jiaxing, more than ever need high-level talent to join. The annual star Yao Lake elite summit, it is an effective way to explore the principles of talent management work under the principle of party management in Jiaxing. The summit began in 2008 and is now the ninth. Jiaxing Municipal Committee of Ministers of the organization Lian Xiaomin, the summit to highlight the "Internet plus" under the background of innovation, integration, green, open, sharing the theme of the times, highlighting the high-end, internationalization, industrialization, launched a total of 15 thematic activities. The opening ceremony, Wuzhen and Zhongguancun think tank venture corporation officially inaugurated the entrepreneurial talent base in Yangtze River delta. Overseas talent project, Jiaxing talent project, foreign venture capital incubator "transplanting" project, university cooperation projects with a large number of projects held a signing ceremony. Qin Zhigang, President of California University of science and technology, with his California University of science and technology and the Yangtze River Delta District People’s government signed a successful signing of the project. This is the second time I came to Jiaxing, the reason why the project is located here, on the one hand, there is a good impression here, but also took advantage of the regional advantages here." Qin Zhigang said. It is reported that the summit from September 26th onwards the curtain will continue until mid October, the summit is longer than in previous years. During the summit will be held in Pujiang Innovation Forum Jiaxing forum, Sino Russian engineering and Technology Forum (Jiaxing), 2016 star Yao Lake County Talent Development Forum and other seven forums. At the same time, will hold hundreds of leading talent enterprise product exhibition, hundreds of colleges and universities, such as cooperation and exchange of talent projects. It is worth mentioning that the "2016 Star Lake" elite summit will join the Pujiang innovation forum held in the integration of Internet and traditional industries development (Jiaxing Forum), which is organized by the organizers for the first time the municipal government innovation forum, Wai)相关的主题文章: