The "Red Guards" Huhuashizhe hit Tong Zhang brave reliable – Sohu "Red Guard" Sohu Tong Zhang entertainment entertainment news recently, Huzi directed war drama "Red Guards" in Beijing TV hit, the play tells the story of the Red Army transport teams led by red Chen Zixuan player in the acquisition of anti encirclement, from Nanyang overcome numerous difficulties and dangers the procurement of goods and raise the dollar way from Hongkong to the Soviet mission complete story. Actor Tong Zhang plays a Liuyang returning "Huhuashizhe", good family conditions Fujiazidi Dai Xiangtao, his enthusiasm with the spirit of justice and daring to help complete the transportation task. Tong Zhang plays Dai Xiangtao, although sometimes not adjusted, with a glib tongue, but it is a passion for justice, dare good teammate. I have nothing but also love molested talk humor naughty Yang Jianbang, let him not so tight face, in the face of danger transport team disbanded and put forward valuable opinions, to let the transportation team continue to fight. Shooting process, a lot of dangerous scenes Tong Zhang personally battle, very dedicated, but also very enthusiastic to help you overcome difficulties. The relationship with other actors is also very good, after the end of the film will often get together to chat. At the same time, modern revolutionary drama "absolutely life guard division" in CCTV hit, played by Tong Zhang Shi Changchen of the thirty-four division Shuxiang, the drama as the material of the thirty-four division of the army during the long march hero heroic deeds, true reproduction of Red Army during the combat heroes defying death, defend the motherland’s heroic image.   相关的主题文章: