UnCategorized We are spiritual beings (the Da Vinci form in a circle) having a material experience (the Da Vinci form in a square). Most of our problems arise from not being loved just the way we are. Accepting our value as a "human angel" means valuing each other more, which leads to greater feelings of inner peace, belongingness, union with the Divine, Divine Creation and all humanity. Leonardo said it best: "The outstretched arms and legs of a man form a square and a circle: the square symbolizes the solid physical world and the circle the spiritual and eternal. Man bridges the gap between these two worlds." -Leonardo Da Vinci, "The Magical Proportions of Man" Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man (the Da Vinci Man with four arms and four legs in a square and circle)is the most popular secular symbol in the world. My 10 years of research suggests that the Vitruvian Man is a universal symbol for greater love, relationships, success, health and the new age 21st century paradigm of indivisible wholeness, the paradigm for world peace. A New Renaissance! The Da Vinci Man is a universal translator between scientific models (represented by the Da Vinci Man in the square) and religious symbols (represented by the Da Vinci Man in the circle). Therefore, the Vitruvian Man (Da Vinci Man) is a bridge between science and religion. There are amazing similarities between the sacred geometry of the Da Vinci Man, Yin-Yang, Star of David, Tree of Life, Christian Cross, Angels and Kabbalah. The Da Vinci Man resembles a person with angel wings. This makes sense since Leonardo designed the Da Vinci Man to be a bridge between heaven (the Da Vinci Man in a circle) and Earth (the Da Vinci Man in the square). This is why he referred to the Da Vinci Man as "Eternal Man" and the human form as "magical." It is also part of the reason why Leonardo was so fascinated by the flight of birds. Leonardo experienced that we are inseparably connected to Nature. The Da Vinci Man resembles the Divine Tetramorph and the Angelic Seraphim. There is also a remarkable similarity between the Da Vinci form and the Eagle on the Great Seal of the United States. I have found that the biggest problem in human relations is that we do not appreciate how incredible we are. Instead of appreciating our family, neighbors and friends, we sometimes try to find fault with them. Some think they have to change their neighbor, instead of seeing their neighbor as a holy temple and vessel for the Light of God within. Mother Theresa saw this light in everyone and treated each person as a representative of God. The famous therapist, Carl Rogers was renowned for treating each client with unconditional positive regard. If we all took this approach, individuals would start living up to our incredible expectations of them, instead of living down to our criticisms. Marianne Williamson said, in a quote mistakenly attributed to Nelson Mandela, we are more afraid of our greatness than our smallness. We have been taught to believe we are separate from nature. Carl Rogers is famous for starting a therapy program that treated each person with unconditional positive regard, bringing out the angel in them. Even scientists agree that every electron is a particle and a wave. The wave form has omnipresence to it. That is why every body, at the subatomic level, is as huge as the universe. Inflationary theory also indicates that the universe once began as a seed much smaller than the nucleus of the atom. Since this was at the beginning of time and space, it explains why many saints are able to experience that they are eternal and the entire universe is inside of them. We are truly cosmic beings. At the subatomic level our body is made of light and connects with the entire universe. This means that, in reality, we are cosmic beings created in the Image of God. The experience of the subatomic level (or quantum level) is beautifully expressed in the Da Vinci Man, who is surrounded by a circle. The Da Vinci Man circled gives the impression of being smaller than small. At the subatomic level we, indeed, feel smaller than the smallest. The experience of our interconnectedness is beautifully expressed in the Da Vinci Man whose arms and legs fill the entire circle. As a result, we feel bigger than the biggest. At this level we are connected to the Angels of Light and the Divine within us. No longer are we our own personality, but the Divine through us. We are a vessel for God; a temple for the light of God. At the beginning of time and space we are ten-dimensional beings, connected to the entire universe. This is the most profound meaning of superstring theory of the unified field. The Da Vinci Man and Da Vinci Woman awards are to remind us that we are indivisibly whole. We are reminded to awaken to, and stay connected with, that field of life where we are one with the Divine, Divine Creation and all humanity. This will lead to greater inner peace, peace on earth and good will towards all. Scientists seem to indicate that the very nature of the atom and subatomic particles are universal and omnipresent. This would mean that the physical body, at its subtlest level, is also omnipresent. This is why the inner person is cosmic. We are waking up from the dream of classical physics where the human is limited. We are also human angels, with one foot on the ground and the other on the pedestal. It is our very humanness (the Da Vinci form in the square) that makes our Divine nature (the Da Vinci form in the circle) more real. When we are able to vent and release the emotions that bind us, we .e to experience our own angelic nature. When we are authentically human, we drop the armor around us. This allows us to experience our angelic nature. In my experience we are 99% unbelievably incredible human angels. The rest is just like dust on the mirror. If we approached everyone in this manner, it would bring out the best in them, and we would truly appreciate the world as our family. We should all receive a Da Vinci Man Award or a Da Vinci Woman Award for being Human Angels! This would help us remember who we are as Angels having a human experience. This would uplift the consciousness of humanity and help usher in the 21st Century of Indivisible Wholeness, the paradigm for world peace. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: