The police investigation involving firearms and explosives shehei cases provide clues will receive a prize of Fuzhou daily (micro-blog) October 10th news (reporter Ceng Jianbing) yesterday, Fuzhou police announced that the city is being carried out in gun explosives, floating population and rental housing inventory of the hundred days campaign, the police actively exposing, involving firearms and explosives and the gangs involved in evil case clues and verified, will be awarded 2000 yuan to 20000 yuan. The hundred day battle action, the Fuzhou police to take a unified inventory, unannounced spot combination, the city’s easy evil black entertainment places and other key parts of complex area and carried out the evil clues Mopai, resolutely combat all kinds of criminal gangs involved in evil. On the problems of blasting gun knife urban high, villages, waste plant and other security complex parts, to carry out an intensive investigation, promptly confiscated illegal guns and other dangerous items explosive, in addition to "resolutely gun patients, chopping knife disaster". It is reported that, during the hundred days of action, Fuzhou police will also organize timely centralized inventory of floating population and rental housing, rental housing comprehensive Mopai and the basic number of the floating population. In addition, it will be easy to breed involved in the investigation of illegal information involving firearms and explosives Internet sites and forums, QQ group, micro-blog, WeChat and other online space to conduct a comprehensive inventory remediation. Police welcome the masses of letters, calls, visits, efforts to combat the crime involving firearms and explosives involving knives involving criminal acts. (Fuzhou daily (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章: