The National People’s Congress sword: Hong Kong Independence will face what happened yesterday, the estimated number of Hong Kong Independence elect members to can’t sleep sleep. The reason is very simple: from November 5th to 6, the NPC Standing Committee on the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, the basic law of the interpretation of the draft law 104th, and plans to vote on the draft in November 7th. This news, the Hong Kong Independence members elect, like water bombs, also let the country including Hongkong people’s attention: Changan Jun (WeChat ID:changan-j) noted that the evaluation of Hongkong mainstream media of this rare and consistent positive, very timely, very necessary, public opinion into high frequency word. However, there are people that interpretation is incorrigible, "suppression of dissent", and claimed that "does not exclude any form of fighting techniques"; even some people took the opportunity to provoke, said the interpretation is in the fight against the rule of law in Hongkong". There is no small partner very curious: what is the basic law of Hongkong 104th provisions, why the National People’s Congress on this interpretation, will attract so much attention? Why are those who oppose the law to be so violent? To sum up in a word: This is the interpretation of the central, Hong Kong Independence behavior sword! Why do you say that? As the saying goes: "because there is only the fruit." "See what Hong Kong Independence members elect to do?! The following is the review on the 12 of last month, the Hongkong Legislative Council members of the new sworn in the ceremony, the two Hong Kong Independence members elect staged absurd scene: Liang Songheng in "CHINA HONG KONG IS written NOT (Hongkong not Chinese) blue banner oath oath intentionally the China read" China "; Huizhen tour in People’s Republic of China will be the full name of People s Republic of English ‘China, with dirty words read’ People ‘s Re-f**king of of china". Such humiliation, of course, is invalid. Unexpectedly, in second the oath of 19, Hong Kong Independence members elect make demon "members" upgrade: Zheng Songtai will flag on the desktop flag and the Hongkong Special Administrative Region was immediately overturned, the president of the Legislative Council, Liang Junyan ruled that the misconduct and the drive to leave, this session will be the first to be driven out of members of the meeting. This is a blatant provocation to the basic law of Hongkong, it is a direct violation of the provisions of article 104th. 104th the provisions of the Hongkong basic law, the chief executive of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, the principal officials, members of the Executive Council and the Legislative Council members, at all levels of court judges and other judicial officers in the office, shall swear to uphold the basic law of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region of People’s Republic of China, People’s Republic of China to Hongkong special administrative region. In most buddy’s eyes, Hongkong has a sound legal system, Hong Kong has been adherence to the rule of law is known, but Hong Kong independence after the rise, to protest violence from the account in Mong Kok, and even the so-called "members" are staged in the oath farce, this is in the situation of the rule of law, as the face ah! Why does this Congress want to release law? Is in the direction of the whole 3相关的主题文章: