U.S. media: Nobel prize in chemistry incentive machine into reality – International – People’s network, said the United States media, molecular machines and the 2016 Nobel prize in chemistry next? "I feel a little like the Wright brothers." The new Nobel prize winner, Bernard, told reporters in a room. When the Wright brothers first flew more than 100 years ago, they were asked why they needed a flying machine. "And now we have Boeing 747 and airbus." According to the United States, Scientific American magazine website reported on October 5th, welcome to pay attention to the 2016 Nobel prize in chemistry. This award today awarded Feringa, Fraser and Jean Pierre Stoddart?? SOVA hot, in recognition of their development only 1/1000 of the diameter of a human hair molecular machine. These small machines began to emerge from the 1990s, they can do a lot of things. They can be like a car that can move in the specified direction, bending and move several times larger than our own things like super ants do not do, can even put things to move to that line like robot. What they haven’t really done is to walk into the real world. Of course, that’s okay. The Nobel committee can and should attach importance to basic research. We didn’t know what to do when the laser was invented. But today’s laser applications are very common. It is now the turn of the molecular machine, and even with the Nobel prize, it will not be easy. To overcome these challenges requires three winners, today did not get the Nobel Committee praised the field other leaders such as David, as well as many researchers? They encouraged to participate in this kind of scientific research. It is gratifying to note that the winners have been thinking about something for the next time. "We have made fifty or sixty different kinds of motors," he told reporters last week…… I’m not interested in making a motor, but actually using it." At that time, Stoddart and his colleagues said, a major misunderstanding is that people always think that the tiny version of molecular machines is the conventional machine. But the working principle of molecular machines is different from what we are familiar with switches and motors, because the force of small things is different from the real world. "We don’t need leverage from the macro world, gears, and gadgets." On dit。 Nobel pointed out that the written evaluation committee, the molecular machine part and visible world increasingly linked, that is the direction of the field, "in order to realize the reporters in the morning some day in the future" asked the practicability, such as the development of the micro machine to send the drug delivery in patients. For the time being, we can marvel at an application: Nissan scratch self repair technology and Nissan scratch self-healing iPhone protective shell. This protective shell can be "self healing" after scratching with new as it contains polyrotaxanes, new things and this molecule and in 1990s Stoddart won the Nobel prize for synthesis and to similar. (commissioning editor: Qin Boya, Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: