The night knife robbery failed to hit 110 robbers Beijing surrender – the newspaper news (reporter Lin Jing) small night knife in the woman out of the neck, after a failed robbery surrendered to the police. Today, reporters learned from the Haidian police, Ma on suspicion of robbery has been under criminal detention. "There’s a man with a knife in the compound!" August 6th at 11 am, Haidian branch Yongfeng police station received an alarm. The way the police rushed to the tundian village, the robbers surrendered command center received a telephone. Man said he was in the robbery, but did not succeed. Only 3 minutes, the police rushed to the scene, but the courtyard of the dark, not the victim, did not see the robbers. On their way, the police found suspicious personnel, thus judging the robbers also hiding in the courtyard and cried out loudly in the hospital, advised the robbers out of the surrender as soon as possible. At this time, a man came out of the shadow of a corner of the compound, holding a knife in his hand. The police immediately grabbed the knife and put handcuffs on his hands, the police escorted. After investigation, the police learned that the Ma before the tenants, he worked for a software company in Xiaojiahe, in June after the resignation has been in arrears of rent. In the afternoon, two women will be evicted from the rental housing. 11 night, two female landlord saw a Ma, thought he was to pay back the money. To hear him say "robbery", a person hide into the house alarm, another person was ma took out a knife in the neck, thanks to the landlady’s son, Ma a distraction, just let the landlady escape back to the house. Self-knowledge robbery failure of Ma, think of someone who has already confirmed the alarm, call 110 surrendered. In front of the police, Ma shed tears of remorse. J151相关的主题文章: