The National Women’s Federation: focus on the support of female college students, entrepreneurship of women farmers and other key groups – Beijing, the National Federation party on patrol rectification briefing according to the central deployment, from March 2, 2016 to April 30th, the central twelfth inspection teams of the National Federation party for inspection. In June 3rd, the central inspection teams to patrol the feedback of opinions of the National Federation party. According to the relevant provisions of the Chinese Communist party inspection regulations, inspection and rectification will be released. First, the implementation of the central requirements, the rectification patrol as a major political task of the central twelfth inspection teams to carry out special inspections of the National Women’s party, the National Women’s Federation is to uphold the party’s leadership, strengthen the construction of the party, the implementation of a comprehensive strictly required a comprehensive physical examination, fully embodies the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the general secretary the women’s Federation attaches great importance to the work and care of women cadres. The National Federation party in-depth study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series especially important speech on patrol work, grasp the rectification patrol as a major political task, a sense of urgency to a high degree of political responsibility and promote the rectification task Time will not wait for me., to implement the "firm determination not two", a satisfactory the answer to the Party Central Committee with the actual effectiveness of the rectification. First, understand the spirit of the central, unified understanding. The special inspection and inspection during the rectification, party secretary Comrade Song Xiuyan for the first time chaired a meeting of the Party group to seriously study and understand the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping on patrol work, word for word and sentence for sentence learning feedback from the central inspection teams, to strengthen political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of the core line, consciously thinking and action with the central requirements. Combining the "two a" learning education, take the lead of the party, leading cadres in-depth study of plenary session of the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speeches especially important speech in the "71", the Central Party’s Mass Work Conference on an important speech, learning China "Communist Party" "self-discipline" China Communist standards "China Communist Party discipline" Regulations "Chinese accountability regulations" Communist Party regulations, deepening to understand the importance and urgency of the grasp patrol rectification, strengthen inspections rectification work consciousness and actions. Two is to strengthen the organization and leadership, co-ordination arrangements. The party inspection rectification work the main responsibility on his shoulders, in their hands, set up with Comrade Song Xiuyan as the party leader, with other comrades as members of the inspection rectification work leading group office and 3 working groups, to strengthen the organization and leadership of the inspection and rectification work. Has held the 10 meeting of the Party group and the inspection and rectification work leading group meeting, research, deployment, and promote the rectification work. To develop the "National Federation party special inspection rectification plan", decomposition of the inspection feedback questions and comments detailed, clear list, task lists and list of responsibilities and time limit for rectification, the formation of clear, clear rectification responsibility item ledger. Held a mobilization meeting, training and guidance will be fully deployed, made clear requirements to promote the implementation of the rectification work landing. Three is to adhere to the above rate, layers of conductive pressure. Party book.相关的主题文章: