The national day of Beijing houses net signed volume only 216 units compared with the same period of September fell 77% in Beijing: national new net signed volume of only 216 units, compared with September fell 77% the market regulatory policy intensive introduction, Beijing is the first sound, the evening of September 30th, Beijing purchase upgrades, will be the first set of ordinary housing, second sets of ordinary housing and non ordinary since the housing payment ratio were increased to 35%, 50% and 70%. After the new deal, in this national day, Beijing property market what kind of change? Yesterday, the reporter in Beijing, south of the second ring of a real estate intermediary spent a morning time, only to meet a customer who came to the house. Here the store official told reporters before the National Day in September 30th, here is the bustling, Beijing property market regulation after the upgrade, the National Day deserted lot. Beijing I love my home store manager Wang Chuanwei: September more than a day when there are ten to twenty groups, and now the normal price of a day in the group of two or three. Compared with September, the decline is still very strong. Wang Chuanwei said, in 7893 months, many customers are on the same day showings signing day, I love my home real estate data show that in September, the average number of showings per customer is 2.79 times, at the same time, each houses were sold before the average number of only 8.76 times. But now, buyers do not see the shots, mostly wait-and-see attitude. Some property buyers told reporters that the main reason is the first down payment. In the Beijing property market regulation policy, the proportion of the second sets of non ordinary residential payment ratio increased by the largest, regardless of whether the loan, the proportion of the first payment shall not be less than 70%, which improves the purchase threshold. Property buyers: for a bigger house well, but also can not afford to buy it, if we need to change a little more than 5 million of the total, around 5 million, then we certainly do not have so much cash. There are some property buyers look forward to the introduction of new regulation and control in Beijing, prices can fall. Buyers: in this process if prices really fall, even if the first payment is more, I would think I earn the benefits, buy will be more strong, if prices keep rising I will be very hesitant. Property buyers to see the Beijing property market turnover fell sharply. From Albert I love my home market Institute of statistics, October 1-7, Beijing new residential net signed volume of only 216 units, down 77% compared with the same period in September, second-hand residential net signed volume of only 209 units, compared with the same period of September fell 96.2%. Insiders said that even taking into account the impact of the eleven holiday factors, the new deal after the Beijing property market turnover is also very significant decline, the latter will stabilize prices. Albert I love my home group vice president Hu Jinghui: I think the price will be stable at first, will eliminate the market panic, the whole, after one to two months, some of the original prices rising fast in some areas, high price or price comparison of large-sized apartment blind housing prices have callback necessity. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: