The nail long petition up for the purpose of driving hit passers-by caused 3 dead 5 injured – Sohu news March 12, 2013, Guangzhou, Cao Zaifa climbed Liede Bridge about 10 storeys high position, threatened to jump the bridge. Figure China vision September 13th, Cao Zaifa occupied a state-owned land to build houses were demolished, leaving the ruins. In September 13th, Cao Zaifa was driving to death Yan Xiongwen (two row right) family portrait. This version of the Beijing News reporter Liu Ziheng core tip on the afternoon of September 13th, Hunan County, Rucheng farmers driving a SUV car, allegedly repeatedly hit others, causing 3 dead and 5 injured tragedy. In the butt before he suspected, without permission in the expropriation has become the state-owned land area housing, law enforcement agencies have been removed. His own house demolitions in 2012 after he threatened local officials to kindergarten in Guangzhou and Zhongshan University made another murder; he climbed the Liede Bridge in Guangzhou. Two after the incident, the local government to compromise and compensation of 1 million 800 thousand yuan compensation, he several times higher than the others. After that, he still repeated illegal petitioning for homestead. To this end, Cao detained several times, one of them was sentenced to prison. Cao and the local government mutual game. Cao Zaifa continued to appeal and create disturbances, the local government concessions. For the last time, Cao did not achieve the purpose of choosing to drive into the street to the innocent. One day before the Mid Autumn Festival, suspected of deliberately driving butt caused 3 dead, 5 injured, farmers in Hunan County of Rucheng Cao Zaifa once again into the vortex of public opinion. Since the last time he caused widespread concern in the past 3 years. March 12, 2013, Cao Zaifa dissatisfaction demolition compensation, climbed the bridge in Guangzhou, causing 14 hours of traffic paralysis. After more than a month earlier, Cao Zaifa threatened to kindergarten in Guangzhou and Zhongshan University massacre, caused panic throughout the city. According to the Beijing News reporter, the Cao Zaifa driving butt, because of its not approved since the building was demolished. Moreover, after the signing of the agreement in 2013 after the demolition of the agreement, to get 1 million 800 thousand of the total compensation, no longer mention other requirements". Rucheng county officials said, Cao Zaifa continued to appeal to the local government struggling to cope with the pressure in the maintenance of stability, steady Cao Zaifa is the local government transfer layers selection. Six or seven years, the local government and Cao Zaifa game. But in the end, regardless of the demands of Cao unreasonable, in order to prevent it no longer go to Beijing petition, the local government will compromise and meet the requirements of cao. But in the end, the local government no longer compromise, Cao chose to drive the streets. The "nail households" at the end of October 2012, the head of the river village involved in land expropriation 29 households 28 households have signed an agreement and has been taken, then became the only fortune Cao Cao Zaifa "nail households" demolition is encountered for the first time in 2009. That year, the Rucheng county plans to build Long Lake Avenue, as the highway connecting the Rucheng expressway. Cao Zaifa house was included in the scope of land requisition. Rucheng County propaganda department, Cao Zaifa housing brick structure two and a half, in Zhenjiang Lu Yang tou Cun Cao Jia Er group, building area of road相关的主题文章: