The mother and daughter died of carbon monoxide poisoning incident in the use of natural gas original title: mother and daughter died of carbon monoxide poisoning Beijing morning news (reporter Zhang Jingya) yesterday, the scene more than 6 o’clock in the morning, Dongcheng District No. 15 bright floor three floor, a pair of mother and daughter poisoning. Although kind-hearted people to help lift the two men from the upstairs, but the mother and daughter have no vital signs of the two. Currently, the police involved in the investigation. Yesterday morning, the Beijing morning news reporters rushed to the scene, the mother and daughter have been poisoning 999 emergency vehicles. Another woman’s roommate was also taken away by the police to assist in the investigation. The accident of the house locked the door, which no one answered. According to the courier company near the courier said, at 6:30 in the morning, they are finishing courier, suddenly saw a more than and 30 year old woman ran down from the top of the floor of the 15. She cried and cried ‘help’, we ran to help. There was a smell of gas in a room on the three floor, an adult and a little girl lying on the bed. She was already in a panic and didn’t know what to do." The courier Wang told reporters, heard the woman for help, he did not think, ran to the three floor, room two people found out, with a massive one to go out. "I called them, but none of the two men had a heavy gas smell in the room." Wang said that in other colleagues came to help, they will be two people downstairs. But Wang said the incident was not found in the furnace room. "Very quickly save to the car, but they seem to have. The doctor worked hard for a moment, and put two people in a plastic bag." Wang said that the woman called for help is a mother and daughter, she is a woman’s sister, three people rented in a house. "As to why we’re poisoned, we don’t know". The reporter learned from the building of other tenants, the accident of women 36 years old this year, is rented here only recently. Daughter 12 years old, in junior high school. It’s a pity that such a small child." Neighbors regret to say. Reporters learned from the 999 emergency doctors, the mother and daughter are carbon monoxide poisoning. But the building is the use of natural gas, also do not know the neighbors of the households is what produces carbon monoxide. Currently, the police involved in the investigation, the case is being further processed. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: